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Flipping Out!

Flipping Out!. Presented by Austin Baker 4 th Grade Teacher abaker@hollister.k12.mo.us. Resources. This presentation and content mentioned can be found on my website under the “FLIPPING OUT” tab: Bakerclass.weebly.com. What is flipped/blended teaching?. Definition:.

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Flipping Out!

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  1. Flipping Out! • Presented by Austin Baker • 4thGrade Teacher abaker@hollister.k12.mo.us

  2. Resources • This presentation and content mentioned can be found on my website under the “FLIPPING OUT” tab: Bakerclass.weebly.com

  3. What is flipped/blended teaching?

  4. Definition: • The definition of blended learning is a formal education program in which a student learns: (1) at least in part through online learning, with some element of student control over time, place, path, and/or pace (2) at least in part in a supervised brick-and-mortar location away from home (3) and the modalities along each student’s learning path within a course or subject are connected to provide an integrated learning experience

  5. Why blend learning?

  6. Using Technology: • It can be frustrating…

  7. but also rewarding. • Increase: • Engagement • Differentiation • Technology Skills • Appeal to all learners • Scores

  8. Branches we will not be focusing on: • Enriched Virtual Model- Part time in an actual school, Part time learning at home on computer • A La Carte- Take online courses while at school

  9. My main goal: • Supplement/ Enhance Teaching • It is more than simply showing a video in class • Does not replace teaching

  10. Here is how flipped learning can be used: • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tY7B3k95JqU

  11. Rotation System: Math

  12. Fun Facts Partner Practice Katelyn Tyler Zach Vanessa Alex Mia Chloe Katie Independent Practice/ W.A.M Table Trevor Dalton Brady George Kaitlyn Ruben Liberty Sonja Trey Skylar

  13. Daily Math • Fun Facts- Use ipads to work on multiplication facts. Choose any of the multiplication apps • Independent practice: Build a house using area and perimeter • Partner Practice- double click on “Minecraft Angles video”

  14. How do I do this with only 2 computers?

  15. Bonus! • Students can review these videos at any time • Great for absent students • Great for introducing new concepts

  16. Rotation System:

  17. After the video at Partner Practice: • Students come back to the table for re-teaching, additional practice, and enrichment

  18. Rotation System:ELA

  19. At one of the stations: • Choose a book for students to access at Myon.com • Have students work together to complete the sheet

  20. Blended Science Rotations: Adaptations • Station #1: Adaptation Task Cards • Station #2: Determining adaptations using animal furs, teeth, and skin • Station #3: Use SwitchZoo App to have students determine adaptations

  21. Migration Scan this and answer the following questions in your notebook: What is migration? Why do animals migrate? What would these animals do in the winter if they were unable to migrate?

  22. Blended Science Interactions: • Split students into groups • Assign an interaction to the group • Assign video and written articles to students • Students work together to create and produce a video using the funny movie maker app. • This video should teach their classmates about the interaction

  23. Another method: • I teach a traditional lesson • Students go to the computer lab and get on my class website • Then they click on Today’s lesson, this is what I see

  24. Another method:

  25. Online Games/ Apps • These are incredible resources • Can be used in a rotation system

  26. On sub days… • There are times when you can use technology only to teach • For example: I could have students do a lesson completely online through my website

  27. How can you blend learning in you classroom? • Turn and talk with someone around to discuss

  28. Utilize those resources! • Don’t make your own videos when starting! • Discovery Education- (subscription) • Brainpop/ Brainpop Jr.- (subscription) • Studyjams.com • Youtube (My Big Campus) • Khan Academy • Flocabulary (many free videos) • StudyIsland (Aligned with CCSS) • LearnZillion (Aligned with CCSS) • WatchKnowLearn (DataBase)

  29. Now you get time to make your own blended lesson! • Make a blended lesson over an upcoming topic • Gather resources for that topic • Determine great/ not so great resources • If you need help, please ask!

  30. Go to bakerclass.weebly.com Click on FLIPPING OUT! Check out the resources for flipping list

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