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Date: 6/3/2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Date: 6/3/2014

Date: 6/3/2014

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Date: 6/3/2014

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  1. Aviation Engineering Directorate Status of Cold Spray Repair Efforts for Magnesium Transmission Components Approved for public release; distribution unlimited. 10JUN2014, Doc ID 305 Control Number 0849 Presented by: Names: Ricky McNalley. Materials Engineer, Materials Branch, Aviation Engineering Directorate, U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center Date: 6/3/2014

  2. Cold Spray Efforts - Introduction • The Materials Branch of the Aviation Engineering Directorate (AEF-M) has notionally approved the use of cold spray repairs as developed by the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) for the repair of magnesium housings and gearboxes used in our aviation platforms. These repairs can address a significant portion of the $3.5M in magnesium housings currently considered BER in the Storage, Analysis, Failure evaluation, and Reclamation (SAFR) inventory at CCAD. • Groups involved in repair process approval and implementation. • UH-60 Sump Repair Status • AH-64 Intermediate Gear Support Repair Status • The Path to Structural Repairs – UH-60 Lower Housing • Summary

  3. PEO Aviation AMRDEC Public Release: FN3832

  4. Aviation Engineering Directorate (AED) Director Program Support Assistant Program Executive Officer ) Associate Director of Programs Technical Director ) Deputy Director Associate Director of Technology Aviation Systems (AE-B) Rapid Response Initiative Manager Acquisition Business Mgr (AE-Z) ) Cargo (AE-C) Aeromechanics (AE-A) Standardization Manager Sustainment Engineering(AE-K) Apache (AE-D) Structures and Materials(AE-F) Test & Integration Manager Maintenance Engineering(AE-M) Propulsion (AE-P) Mission Equipment (AE-S) Armed Scout (AE-R) Aviation Chief (SED) Non Standard Rotary Wing (AE-N) Special Ops (AE-T) 562 Army Civilians Utility (AE-U) ~ 350 FTE Support Contractors UAS (AE-V)

  5. Aviation Engineering Directorate in Cold Spray Approval - Roles and Definitions • PMO- Each aircraft has its own Program Management Office; for sump repairs the cognizant organization is the Utility Helicopter Program Office, UH-PO; for the intermediate gear support the Apache Program Office has cognizance. As the “owners” of the aircraft platforms, these offices establish priorities for implementation of new repairs such as cold spray. • Systems Engineering: this group acts as a liaison between the PM’s and AED platform and functional groups. Systems Engineers organize task assignments and consolidate the input of platform and functional groups into a single AED position memo. • DMWR – Depot Maintenance Work Requirements: A document that provides step by step instructions for depot level maintenance efforts. • MEO – Maintenance Engineering Order: Written by AEM, once approved it revises the DMWR.

  6. Aviation Engineering Directorate in Cold Spray Approval - Roles and Definitions (continued) • AEF Materials: has cognizance for all new materials and processes and evaluates them in terms of airworthiness and sustainability. • AEP Propulsion: has structural cognizance for transmission components; in this case, magnesium housings. • MED Maintenance Engineering Division: Identifies repair opportunities in the SAFR inventory and submits MEO’s for approval to revise DMWR’s when new processes are approved. • CCAD: The Corpus Christi Army Depot is responsible for executing approved repairs either in house or via approved contractors. They also work closely with units and PMO’s to determine emerging needs. • Summary: the efforts of seven separate organizations (including ARL) must be coordinated just for the approval of a specific cold spray repair. The logistics for returning a repaired part to active inventory involves many other organizations.

  7. UH-60 Main Transmission Sump Repair P/N 70351-48140-042 The O’Ring groove on the large diameter is the focal point of the sump repair

  8. UH-60 Main Transmission Sump Repair P/N 70351-48140-042 • The First Article Test Report for the Cold Spray Repair of UH-60 Sumps has been approved by the AED Utility Division and two parts have been forwarded to MED / CCAD for fit and bench testing.

  9. AH-64 Intermediate Gear Support P/N 7-311310015-5. The arrow shows the contact surface with witness marks left by the gear teeth. This area is also susceptible to pitting corrosion and fretting damage

  10. Apache Intermediate Gear Support P/N 7-311310015-5. • AEF and AEP have approved this cold spray repair of the top land with defects up to .050” in depth. • Current Status: ARL has completed the cold spray repair of two gear supports from the SAFR inventory and the first article test (FAT) inspection has been completed by ARL and CCAD. Review and approval by AEF and AEP will be conducted via the tasking system. • An MEO will follow review and approval of the FAT test report.

  11. UH-60 PN 70351-38134-42 Main Gearbox Lower Housing Assy Candidate for First Structural Cold Spray Repair

  12. PN 70351-38134-42 Main Gearbox Lower Housing Assy Typical Packing Groove Corrosion No Current Repair

  13. PN 70351-38134-42 Main Gearbox Lower Housing Assy Liner Bore Seat Damage

  14. .Main Gearbox Lower Housing Assembly PN 70351-38134-42 • Current Status: A test article has been identified from the SAFR inventory and is being forwarded to ARL/MOOG for review and proposed repair parameters.

  15. Cold Spray Efforts - Summary • The efforts to approve and implement cold spray repairs for Army Aviation assets are progressing with two non structural repairs approved by AEF & AEP. • ARL has completed the cold spray repair of two AH-64 intermediate gear supports. First Article Testing by ARL and CCAD is complete. AED will review these results vis the tasking system. • The First Article Test Report for the Cold Spray Repair of UH-60 Sumps has been approved by the AED Utility Division and awaits fit and bench testing. • Successful implementation of the two currently approved non structural repairs will build momentum for the approval of other more complex applications with structural aspects such as the UH-60 lower housing.