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BRIC Panel Discussion

BRIC Panel Discussion. Garry White, Regional Director APMEA 13 th September 2010. The Growing Power of BRIC. 42% of the global population 1/4 of the global economy 8 megacities 55mil outbound trips in a year 2mil High Net Worth Individuals

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BRIC Panel Discussion

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  1. BRIC Panel Discussion Garry White, Regional Director APMEA 13th September 2010

  2. The Growing Power of BRIC • 42%of the global population • 1/4of the global economy • 8megacities • 55miloutbound trips in a year • 2milHigh Net Worth Individuals • Fastest growing inbound markets to the UK

  3. BRAZIL 6.5%growth rate (f) next year versus 0.5% in developed markets (IMF) $1.3trillion GDP – 8thlargest economy Young population High net Worth 198mil population –5thlargest in the world 80% of booking for outbound travellers go through travel agents

  4. RUSSIA Russians are high-spenders: Russians spend on average $1,000 per head on their holidays. 12thlargest economy and 7th largest by purchasing power parity The wealthiest of the BRICS The number of Russian passengers traveling abroad soared by 38% in the first 4 months of 2010 – rising to approximately 1.5 million people.

  5. Population of1.1 billionand GDP increasing by more than 8% every year India achieved 6.4% GDP growth in 2009, despite the global economic crisis. Could be a million visitor market to the UK by 2020 India’s middle class predicted to grow from 5% today to over 40% of the nation over the next 20 years. Outbound market size of 7.8 million Up to95%of booking for outbound travellers go through travel agents INDIA DEBI BANGALORE MAY 2011

  6. CHINA 2ndbiggest economy in the world 1.3 billion– home to the world’s largest population 89% increase in visitors to the UK by 2014 Urban Chinese middle class will spend close to $2.3 trillion a year by 2025 Young Singles are the new dynamic consumers 45 millionoutbound visits forecasted between 2010 and 2020 425airports in China

  7. 7 Reasons to think BRIC right now!

  8. 49% 22% 52% 93% Total Visits to UK in 1999 and 2009 1. Its happening now - not in the future! Growth in India and China 2009 – 2010

  9. 2. BRIC Megacities

  10. 3. UK Government Policy Foreign Policy Speech, July 2010 “We will be intensifying our engagement with the emerging economies… economic power and economic opportunity are shifting to the countries of the East and South; to the emerging powers of Brazil, India, China, Russia and other parts of Asia… it is estimated that by 2050 emerging economies will be up to 50% larger than those of the current G7” Grants for Sales Mission and Exhibitions

  11. 4. Overseas Students Market 400,000 overseas students per year in the UK In India 250 million school and university-aged students learning English - that’s four times the entire pop of the UK! 85,000 Chinese students currently studying in UK or at UK campus in China

  12. 5. Trade is Key - VisitBritain can help 14,000number of outbound travel agents in BRIC 78% named travel agents as key influencer of travel decisions in Russia, India, Brazil, China 85% of travel bookings in BRIC are booked through travel agents

  13. 6. Brics +++ Taiwan Ukraine SEA South Korea Singapore Mexico Indonesia

  14. VisitBritain is in the market and can help! Paramjit Bawa Manager India Travis Qian Manager China Robin Johnson Manager Latin America Tatiana Khoreshok Manager Russia

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