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F U N c t i o n

F U N c t i o n. P r o j e c t. M e g h a n. P a t t o n. Real W orld Problem.

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F U N c t i o n

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  1. F U N c t i o n P r o j e c t M e g h a n P a t t o n

  2. Real World Problem • Kade was asked to buy Gatorade for the A & B football teams at hismiddle school. Gatorade cost $2.50 each bottle. There are 18 playerson A team & 21 players on B team. That means there is 39 players total. How much money will Kade have to earn to pay for everything?

  3. The Equation The equation to my problem is: Y= $2.50x or f(x)= $2.50x • X= the number of Gatorades needed. • Y= the total cost.

  4. Independent & Dependent The independent variable is my x, which is the number of Gatorades. The dependent variable is my y, which is the total cost of the Gatorades. So the total cost depends on the number of Gatorades.

  5. Table of Values

  6. Domain & Range Domain is the x values. Range is the y values. My domain is {1, 2, 3, 4, 5} & My range is {2.50, 5, 7.50, 10, 12.50}

  7. Continuous or Discrete? Since its not a line, it is discrete. You cannot get ½, or 1 ½, or so on of a Gatorade. You can only get them in whole numbers.

  8. Is it a Function? A function is when there is one independent value paired with one dependent value. So your x’s can’t repeat. & My x’s don’t repeat so it’s a function.

  9. Gatorade Graph

  10. So.. If there is 39 players and each Gatorade costs 2.50. Then, the answer is $97.50. That’s how much money Kade will have to earn to pay for all of the Gatorades. (:

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