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Welcome to Kindergarten! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Kindergarten!

Welcome to Kindergarten!

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Welcome to Kindergarten!

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  1. Welcome to Kindergarten!

  2. School is… All about building relationships, establishing trust, creating working literate environments, and getting to know children as readers and learners — and remembering that our classrooms still need to be joyful places…Reading with Meaning, Debbie Miller

  3. Full-Day Kindergarten Program at Deer Crossing Elementary… • … is supported by current research. • provides a rigorous, individualized program in language arts, math, social studies and science. • provides flexibility in grouping to meet the needs of students. • adequately monitors progress to ensure individual student success. • utilizes volunteers in the classroom to support student learning.

  4. Arrival Morning announcements Language Arts Block Lunch Recess Math Writing Specials Social Studies/Science Centers 3:30 Dismissal The Day

  5. Specials • Monday- Music • Tuesday- PE • Wednesday-PE • Thursday-Art • Friday- Music and Art

  6. Communication • Deer Tracks/Thursday Announcements • DCES Handbook/FCPS Calendar • DCES website and teacher webpages • Find Out First • Teacher’s Voicemail/Email • Monthly Kindergarten Newsletter

  7. Language Arts Expectations… • Phonological Awareness • Phonemic Awareness • Phonics • Fluency • Comprehension • Vocabulary • Writing

  8. What’s the “Buzz” With the Daily Five? • We LOVE Daily Five time!  If your child comes home and talks about it, I am so thrilled!  Daily Five is our literacy block in our classroom.  It is not a program, but a management system that allows students to work on authentic reading practice while I meet with small groups and individual students.  In the beginning of the year, we will spend a great deal of time learning how to "bee"have (and how to NOT behave!) during Daily Five time.  This explicit teaching of behavior allows Daily Five time to run smoothly, as all students know exactly what to do, so that I can focus my attention on very individualized reading instruction. • During Daily Five time, students will participate in a 100-minute block of teacher led mini-lessons on reading strategies, phonics, and grammar- all of which come from our Common Core Curriculum. Students also will participate in self-selected literacy activities.  Your child will come to love and crave this time each day to "bee"come a fantastic reader and writer.

  9. The Daily Five “In Action”! Read to self Students each have a book box full of "right fit” books that they read from during read to self. Read to someoneStudents can practice developing their fluency by reading to someone.  This student is holding a cardstock "check" so she remembers to check her comprehension. Work on writingStudents work on original stories, lists, poems, letters, etc... during work on writing.  The writing area is stocked with idea starters, decorative papers, pens, markers, and spelling aides.

  10. Work on wordsStudents practice weekly spelling and vocabulary words through hands-on activities like Wikki Sticks, using magnets and stamps to make words, dot makers, and letter cutouts.  They can also practice sight words. Listen to readingStudents use, CD players, Tumble Books, Book Flix, and tape players to listen to fluent reading.

  11. Math Expectations… • Knowledge of: • Counting and Cardinality (number sets) • Geometry • Measurement and Data • Number and Operations • Operations and Algebraic Thinking • FCPS introduces the Common Core Curriculum • this year in Math as we move towards • National Standards

  12. Social Expectations… • Following rules and routines • Appropriate conflict resolution • Cooperation • A school-wide positive behavior system based on the pillars of Character Counts: • Respect • Trustworthiness • Responsibility • Caring • Citizenship • Fairness

  13. Homework • October • Homework Calendar • Take home books (book baggies in September)

  14. Schedules will be coordinated and sent home Training session is required Picture name tags will be created Consider personality of your child when scheduling. How can you help? Our Valuable Volunteers

  15. School Safety and Security • Safety Committee to evaluate security plan • Sign in/out process, badge, computer • Exterior doors locked at all times except front door • Drills: fire, lockdown and weather • Accurate information for your child • Dismissal changes by 3pm

  16. QUESTIONS???