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July 2001 PowerPoint Presentation

July 2001

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July 2001

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  1. i2 Technologies/PwC Joint Development Year 2 Update July 2001

  2. Agenda • Overview • Product Management • Product Development • Quality Assurance • Build / Software Configuration • SWAT • Broadvision Integration

  3. Overview • Project Background • Two year joint development deal • i2 gained • Channel.Connect intellectual property • 20 resources per year of deal • PwC gained • i2 stock • Royalties on software • Go to market skills

  4. Overview • Staffing • 19 Total Staff (including Daryl Page, Program Partner) • 3 EBU • 3 WBU • 13 MWBU • 7 Staff Roll Off at end of July 2001 • 12 Staff Roll Off at end of September • Current Efforts • x2 Framework – Workflow Engine • RightWorks Platform – 3rd Platform in One Year • Enterprise Portals • Implementations and Referenceability • BVSN Integration • Project Team Members active in Firm Training based on i2 CM products

  5. Overview

  6. Interaction Determine Product Requirements Aggregate Requirements and Communicate Priorities Product Development Development Resources QA Resources Technical Docs Stakeholder Overview Sales Pre-Sales Corporate Marketing Solution Consultants Customers Consultants Customers Product Management Education Services

  7. Work to Solve Implementation Issues Seeks Assistance as Needed Product Development Development Resources QA Resources Technical Docs Stakeholder Overview Sales Pre-Sales Corporate Marketing Solution Consultants Customers Consultants Customers Product Management Swat Customer Service Education Services

  8. Works with the various stakeholders to do what is needed to deliver innovative solutions Product Development Development Resources QA Resources Technical Docs Stakeholder Overview Sales Pre-Sales Corporate Marketing Solution Consultants Customers Consultants Customers Product Management Swat Customer Service Education Services

  9. Product Management Team Overview Scott Ashworth

  10. Team Role and Responsibilities • Drive Channel.Connect principles into the i2 CRM product suite • Engage customers, sales, pre-sales, consulting, corporate marketing and customer service to aggregate product requirements • Conduct industry and competitive analysis to drive long term and short term strategic product direction - (CM=>TM=>CRM=>???) • Develop deliverables including business case justification materials, product white papers, product release roadmaps and requirement use cases • Conduct knowledge transfer sessions to the various stakeholders: Sales, Pre-Sales, Consulting, Education Services, Technical Doc Team, Product Development, Product Marketing and Customers • Provide the final signoff for the feature milestones and product release • Roadmaps, white papers, requirements, UI designs, technical approaches, detail designs, base data, test plans, technical documentation, marketing release information, education materials, system test results, final inclusion of the new features in the release • Blend with i2 to present a unified PwC/i2 product strategy team

  11. Team Members • Scott Ashworth (March 1, 2000 – September 30, 2001) • MWBU • Luis Murgas (January 15, 2001 – July 30, 2001) • MWBU

  12. Accomplishments and Successes • Focus over the past 15 months • TradeMatrix Site Management (Mar ’00-Oct ’00) • TradeMatrix Personalization (Nov ’00-Feb ’01) • CM/CRM Portals (Mar ’01-Current) • Successes: • First full delivery of product will be Portals in the upcoming release • Strong participation in a pilot program of a new requirement process • Resulted in official title of Austin Director of Caliber Operations • Indirectly influence the client’s processes by introducing PwC PPM Methodology components (Stakeholder Analysis, Milestone Planning, Task Definition, Responsibility Matrix) • Accomplishments: • TradeMatrix Site Management: work transitioned to a Dallas-based i2 team for final delivery • TradeMatrix Personalization: coded and tested but not officially released on TradeMatrix

  13. Skill Sets • Strong analytical and system design skill set development • Exposure to CRM industry research and market trends related to portals • Experience of using PwC PPM Tools in conjunction with client’s standard processes (or lack of) • Exposure to the software development business – challenge of delivering innovative solutions in a rapidly changing technical landscape • Portal expertise: major focus is B2B2C Enterprise Portals • Exposure to coupling customer needs and industry trends to products capabilities - movement from a subsystem to an overall solutions mentality • Developing white paper and business case justifications for product feature enhancement (CRM Portals, Executive Portal Presentation) • Presentation and interviewing skills (i2 Customers not a new job for us…) development (knowledge transfer sessions and requirements gathering)

  14. Product Development Team Overview Michael Curtis

  15. Team Members • James Rehfeld • MWBU • Michael Curtis • MWBU • Srinivas Yadavilli • EBU • Dana Taylor • MWBU • Brian Thornhill • MWBU • Phelps Peeler • EBU

  16. Roles and Responsibilities • The primary role of the product development team is to provide experienced technical assistance to the i2 Austin development effort • Every member of the team was required to be very flexible to adjust to the “direct client reporting” management model • Our services were provided across three different platforms and included a total of seven rapid development lifecycles some of which overlapped for products on different platforms • The PwC team provided a wide variety of services including • functional and “look and feel” requirements gathering • process module, user interface and overall product design specification assistance • participating in product design review sessions • current code cohesion, design, flow, efficiency and processing re-engineering • new feature and functionality implementation • customization including internationalization, personalization and i2 client specific functionality • unit test plan creation and execution • defect corrections

  17. Accomplishments and Successes • TradeMatrix Marketplace (RCP Platform) • v 5.0.5, 5.1.0, 5.1.5 • Created the Order Capture, Catalog Browse and Approval UI workflows • i18n (internationalization) efforts • Helped to developed “punch-out” functionality to the Aspect Discovery catalog product • Added functionality to the Personalization engine • TradeMatrix Storefront Selling (CM Platform) • v 5.0.5, 5.1.0, 5.1.5 • i18n efforts to support Korean and German for specific client implementations • Multi-supplier requisitioning prototype

  18. Accomplishments and Successes • TradeMatrix Storefront Selling (CM Platform) – continued • XML rapid deployment tool • Loads process module data into the database from easily formatted XML files • Implemented for both Oracle 8i and DB2 • Added Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) functionality • Tokenization and internationalization of the Rhythm Author web based user administration tool • Customer profile enhancements to the Rhythm Author product • Developed custom JSP tag libraries for custom CM implementations • x2 Framework • XML and component-based UI workflow engine • Quickly becoming the de-facto UI standard across i2 applications

  19. Skill Sets • A high level of client interaction experience • Client expectation management • Exposure to a rapid software development environment • Software configuration / release management • Many marketable technical skills including • Java • J2EE (JSP, Servlets, JAXP, Tag Libraries) • XML, XSL • JavaScript • Scripting languages such as Perl and Python • webMethods • UML & Rational Rose • i18n experience • JDBC for Oracle and DB2 • WebSphere • Rational Clearcase

  20. Quality Assurance Team Overview Julie Hsu

  21. Team Members • Mousumi Bandyopadhyay (August 7, 2000 – September 30, 2001) • MWBU • Julie Hsu (April 10, 2000 – September 30, 2001) • MWBU

  22. Team Role and Responsibilities • Assist the client team in creating and executingtest plans/strategies • Functional • System • Regression • Produce and maintain the following deliverablesincluding technical documentation, testing result spreadsheets, test harnesses, installation and release notes • Facilitate knowledge sharing sessions to the client teams: Consulting, Education Services, Technical Doc Team, Product Development, Product Marketing and Product Management Team • Build credibility and trust with the client • Provide the final QA stamp of approvalthat software can be released as a product

  23. Accomplishments and Successes • Faster turn around time for defects • Allocation to right resources • Severity level of defects • Automating test cases • More resources to allocate • Successful testing • TradeMatrix Marketplace Release 5.15 • TradeMatrix Storefront Selling Release 5.05, 5.1, 5.1.5 • Patch Releases 5.0.5p4, 5.1p2 • Leveraging knowledge and methodologies from previous engagements • Client appreciation

  24. Skill Sets • Ability to learn technology as required • Process Module Tool • XML Rapid Deployment Tool • Exposure to configuring machines for testing • Installing builds • Setting up clusters • Experience of testing on different hardware/software configurations • NT4.0/IIS/JRun/Oracle 8.1.6 • Solaris8/iPlanet/JRun/Oracle8.1.6 • Strong analytical and test case design skill set development • Ability to maintain and enhance development skills • Content Engine • Content Management • Improvement of technical writing skills through test documentation

  25. Build / Software Configuration Team Overview Brian Drake

  26. Team Role and Responsibilities • Software Configuration Management • Administer and Manage i2’s software repository for Austin and Finland • Administer and Manage i2’s defect tracking system • Design and implement an automated build process for the CM product • Design and implement the installation packaging of the CM product • Manage patches for up to 5 previous versions of the CM product, plus special versions for certain customers • Establishment and documentation of build standards and processes for i2 Austin and Finland • Assisting developers with build issues • Development of administrative tools to help manage the code repository / defect tracking system

  27. Team Members • Brian Drake • MWBU • Assisted with Effort and Alumni • Jennifer Chao – MWBU • Bryan Thornhill - MWBU • Rinaldo Condo – EBU • Matt Cook – EBU • Srini Yadavilli - EBU

  28. Accomplishments and Successes • Migrated i2 to Rational Clearcase from Microsoft Visual Source Safe for a code repository. Provided i2 with the ability to see the state of their source code at any arbitrary point in time and to track changes between builds of the product. • Provided i2 with a largely automated build process which made it possible to do multiple complete builds of the CM product per day, as opposed to one or fewer builds a day under the old system. This in turn allowed for more defects to be detected and fixed with faster turnaround times. As a result of this the number of defects and found in the CM product have increased from 200 for the 5.0 release to over 1000 for the 5.1.5 release, greatly increasing the quality of the product. • Provided i2 with the ability to build and package their product on multiple platforms, as opposed to the NT specific solutions they had in place earlier.

  29. Skill sets • Proficiency at managing the Software Configuration Management process for a large, complex product in a multi platform environment • Experience administrating Rational Clearcase, PVCS Tracker • NT, Solaris and AIX administration experience • Experience with cross platform installer creation tools • Experience with cross platform scripting languages

  30. SWAT Team Overview Suresh Venkateswaran

  31. Team Members • Bernd Straehle • WBU • Akbar Tajani • WBU • Suresh Venkateswaran • WBU • Srikanth Yadlapati • EBU • Rich Paterson • MWBU

  32. Team Role and Responsibilities • Mission: “Service Recovery” • Year 2000: • 25 TradeMatrix Storefront implementations started • 10 of 15 Live Implementations - Not Referenceable

  33. Accomplishments and Successes • Siemens AG, Germany • World-wide biggest i2 customer and strategic partner ($130G license fees) • Several TradeMatrix Storefront projects • E-Rollout (project procurement) • E-Managed Service Chain (day-to-day procurement) • Highly complex projects • Different companies (i2, Siemens ITS, Siemens SBS, Infosys, PwC, others) • Different locations (Munich, Nottingham, Austin, Dallas, Bangalore) • Project • E-Managed Service Chain • TradeMatrix Storefront integration with SAP (using Rhythm Link) • Sales and Distribution (SD) • Materials Management (MM) • TradeMatrix Storefront integration with i2 Global Logistics Monitor (using JMS and XML) • Visibility into supply chain • Hardware suppliers, customization centers, logistics providers, installation technicians

  34. Accomplishments and Successes • Other customers • Toshiba • Acer • BOC Edwards • Caterpillar • HoneyWell • Alliant • PG Bison • Ingram Micro • Keithley • TaylorMade Golf • Haliburton • Reddington

  35. Skill sets • TradeMatrix Storefront customization/implementation • Business case Analysis • Design & Implementation • Systems Integration • TradeMatrix Storefront • SAP • GLM • Technical • Java, JSP, HTML, Servlets, Rational Rose • Oracle 8/8i • Data migration tools • Other • DF servlet enhancements

  36. Broadvision Integration Team Overview James Rehfeld

  37. Team Members • Colleen Krezel • MWBU • Greg Shewmaker • MWBU • Assisted with effort • Mousumi Bandyopadhyay • Phelps Peeler • Brian Drake

  38. Team Role and Responsibilities • Integrate i2 TradeMatrix Storefront Selling and Demand Fulfillment with Broadvision Business Commerce. • Manage integration activities. • Act as liaison between i2 (in Dallas) and Broadvision (in Redwood City, CA). • Install i2's Demand Fulfillment (DF) software and integration pieces on multiple machines at Broadvision (Development and QA, Solaris and HP/UX machines) and perform preliminary testing. • Model i2 data for integration testing. • Document i2-BV integration steps. • Transfer knowledge to i2 consultants and BV employees.

  39. Accomplishments and Successes • Successful integration between TradeMatrix Storefront Selling/Demand Fulfillment and Broadvision Business Commerce. • Successful Storefront Selling integration points include Pricing and Configuration information passed to Broadvision Software. • Specific accomplishments include applicable knowledge/skills gained surrounding • Storefront Selling-XML interface • DF Servlet interface • DF Engine interface

  40. Skill sets • TradeMatrix Storefront Selling Configuration and Pricing data modeling • Demand Fulfillment data modeling and configuring • XML interface knowledge (XML Request & Responses) • UNIX skills leveraged while installing and integrating DF pieces • Steps necessary to integrate TradeMatrix Storefront Selling to Broadvision Business Commerce (or any other storefront software)