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July 2001 PowerPoint Presentation

July 2001

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July 2001

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  1. SHARP’s Smart Card Sharp Corporation IC Card Business Development Center Integrated Circuit Group July 2001

  2. Smart Card Market Trend in Japan Withina few years, Smart Card Market in Japan will mature. 1, Residential Card with Multi-Application for public use - *Over 100 M Cards Trial : The research project on Cities Equipped with Information Technologies 2, Finance Card (Bank, Debit, Credit) - *Over 100 M Cards 3, UICC for 3GPP & future M-commerce (*:Market Size is estimated by NICSS.)

  3. The research project on Cities Equipped with Information Technologies (Japanese Government Project) • Project body: METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) • Project budget: 17000M Yen (around140M US$) • Project purpose: Trial of Smart Card for public use • Trial Card Number: Over 2M cards • Selected area: 21 pilot sites (See Map) • Trial period : Fiscal 2001 and continue Sapporo city Yamagata city Komagane city Shimonoseki city Hanshin north district Joetsu city Okayama city Kitakyushu city Tajimi city Tagawa district, Fukuoka prefecture Aizu -Wakamatsu city Kurume city Okinawa north district Tama Area (6 cities) Yamato city Kochi city Tsu city Yokosuka city Ikeda city Habikino cityMaikata city Toyoda city Fujisawa city

  4. The research project on Cities Equipped with Information Technologies (Japanese Government Project) Major Applications ①Residential Card (Public ID) Name , Age , sex , Birthday ②Health Care ③Public facility booking ④Transportation ⑤Point Card ⑥e-Ticket ⑦Debit Card ⑧Credit Card

  5. Goal of NICSS-Framework Scheme Establishment of Smart Card Systems based on a Common Platform. To investigate - Cost share model for Smart Card System Scheme. - the Contract, Law for New Scheme. - System Security for Smart Card System. - Certification Authority (CA) model for public use. Card Issuer, Service Provider, Card Manufacture, Application, Card To make System Reference Specification. To realize MULTOS, JAVA(GP),WSC and Native OS etc. on a Common Platform.

  6. What is Common Platform of Smart Card ? 1.Infrastructure of Smart Card system 2. Cost Sharing by Multi-Application Public Transportation E-payment Other Application Public ID E-Ticket Next Generation Smart Card (Rented flat structure)

  7. Role of Players (Cost Sharing Model of Next Generation Smart Card) Card Authorization Body Issue Registration and Certification Body Service Registration Body Service provider registration Card authorization Registering an Issuer APP registration Card Supplier Collecting Cost Service Provider Card Issuer Purchasing a Card Collecting Service Charge Providing Service CollectingIssue Cost Smart Card (Card holder/user)

  8. Benefits to the players • Card Holder • Selection of the services -> optimized card • Most convenient • Less number of cards • Card Issuer • Reimbursement of card cost • Card holders’ satisfaction • Service Provider • Reduction of the initial installation cost • High security card at low cost

  9. Request Permission Authorize Receipt Request Permission Authorize Receipt APP Download Card issue Service request Card request APP Download Service request NICSS Card Operation Service Provider B Local Authority Card Issue Center Service Provider A Service B Service A Basic Info. Smart Card Card Holder

  10. Others 8bit, 5MHz RSA、DES 128B~1kB 8~16kB EEPROM 10K times re-writable Synchronous Transmission(T1) Speed of Transmission 9.6kbps(contact) 106kbps(contactless) ISO 7816 ,14443 eLWISE Card 16bit, 30MHz RSA, ECC、T-DES、ETC Key length up to 1152bit 16kB 1MB Flash memory 100K times re-writable Synchronous Transmission(T1) Speed of Transmission 9.6~76kbps(contact) 106~424kbps(contactless) ISO/IEC 7816 adaptive (contact) ISO/IEC14443 Type-B adaptive (contactless) Function CPU Verify/Encryption Co-processor RAM Un volatile memory I/O Interface Standards NICE and eLWISE realized NICSS Framework Completely ・Multi Application・Downloadable ※eLWISE: SHARP & NTT Joint Development NICE:Network-Based IC Card Environment (NTT Development) IC Card - Comparison

  11. e-World Public Sector Private Sector Retail Government Certificates passport birth certificate driving license maternity record disability benefit E-money credit card loyalty card Business Medical & Healthcare security corporate ID network access Health data prescription booking, payment insurance • Multi-application IC Card • verification (ID) • personal information • usage information • electronic money • customer loyalty, etc Transport/Automotive ticket loyalty security, ID ID, bookkeeping SIM card value-added services security Library/ Leisure ID, access control health data, prepaid Telecommunications Education

  12. Smart Card Situation in Japan E-Money Kobe Kobe Part2 Visa Cash 30K persons Shibuya Visa Cash 100K persons Omiya Omiya Part2 Postal Saving 70K persons Internet Cash NTT’s E-money 10K persons Shinzyuku NTT’s E-money 100K persons Osaki Sony 20K persons Hitachi ID Card Mondex 300K persons David 1st phase 2nd phase Cash Card 340M sheets 1time/week user: 4M cars ETC(Highway) Smart Card Mizuho , Sanwa Bank Bank Card Tokyo Commuter Pass:4M sheets JR-East Credit Card 240M sheets Residential Card ’00.Mar Target Number :60K units Phone IC Card (memory) Pachinko Card 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 From Daiwa SecuritiesMarket Watch 2000.Nov

  13. SHARP Smart Card CurrentSHARP Cost ($)     725 Application130 IC Card High Density Mounting Technology 1st Product in the Market Super Multi-Purpose IC Card LSI Embedded with Flash Memory ・High Density ・Multi-Application ・High-Security Flash Memory Flash & Logic Integration RAM CPU Co Processor Flash Memory 64~ times Memory Capacity as Current IC Card Cost Sharing (Memory Density :8k~128kbit)

  14. SHARP Smart Card • Large Flash Memory Embedded (1MByte Flash Memory) • Corresponding to various Encryption Method (Coprocessor) • RSA : Key length more than 1024 bits • ESIGN : Key length more than 1008 bits • Elliptical Curve : Key length more than160 bits • Communication I/F • ISO/IEC 14443-2 type B Compliance • Carrier Frequency : 13.56 MHz • Modulation Method : ASK 10% • Coding Method : NRZ / BPSK-NRZ • Protocol • ISO/IEC 14443-3 type B Compliance • Time-slot method with Slot-marker • Transfer Protocol : ISO/IEC 14443-4 Compliance • JICSAP Support Platform by NTT NINA (Service Oriented IC Card Plat form)&NICE - “Nomadic Information-sharing Network Architecture” - Sharp, NTT and Gemplus Joint Development - Large Flash Memory Embedded ELWISE (Multi-purpose Smart Card) - Corresponding to various Encryption methods - Large Flash Memory Embedded - Sharp & NTT Joint Development - Sapphire(Java Card)

  15. Specification

  16. Software Construction Multi Application Fire Wall CM JICSAP AP LIB (Crypto Etc.) Applet 2 AP 2 Applet 1 AP 1 ・・ Java VM Multos APE LSI Hardware

  17. LSI for Smart Card Road map Memory **MB 1MB 512KB 256KB 2001 2002 2003

  18. Peripheral Devices for Smart Card Line-Up Viewer Reader Writer Contact Contactless Combi Card Issuing System Open Type For Transport Application Development Embosser Simurator Evaluation Base On PC ROM ICE,Evaluation Board

  19. Reader Writer for Smart Card Road map Type <Oct>ISO/IEC7816 & ISO/IEC14443 Type B Combination PD9090 <Sep>Open Deck Type for Transport ISO/IEC14443 Type B PDXXXX Contact less <Now> for Application Development use <Sep>Close Deck Type, ISO/IEC14443 Type B PD8080B PD8080 <Now> ISO/IEC7816 <Dec>ISO/IEC7816 RW3010 RW3020 Contact <Apr> Low Cost, Personal use ISO/IEC14443 Type B RW4010 2001 2002

  20. Reader Writer for Smart Card Road map

  21. Peripheral Commercial/ Finance Smart Card ATM Service Terminal Reader Writer for Business use connected to PC High Reader Writer for Business use connected to Phone line Reader Writer for Personal use connected to PC Personal/ Indoor Reader Writer forPersonal use connected to Phone line Security Personal/ Mobile For built-in to machine use E-Purse Module Business use Viewer Low Private Viewer Low High Cost