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  1. Systems

  2. President • “Unified executive” is a term for Bush’s unlimited control over exec. Branch • Presidential power grows when corporate capitalist prospers, shrinks when the economy stagnates • “However presidents have a hard time getting different parts of the executive branch to cooperate. Presidents do not have a monopoly of legal authority or political influence over the bureaucracy” (pg 192) PP • Executive order require federal agencies to act (pg 197) PP

  3. Congress • “Seventeenth Amendment to the Constitution stipulating that “the Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each state elected by the people thereof” pg 17 PP • Fully seven in ten believed that members of congress are more interested in advancing their own careers than in helping the country” p212 PP

  4. Congress • Congressman Cunningham, pleaded guilty in accepting $2.4 million in bribes. • System is corrupt

  5. Education • “Fighting for better schools and more equal access has been, will be, and must be a part of the social movements that will ultimately be the key to a more profound transformation of the economy and in turn, the broader society.” P10 E&C • Funding provided for schools provided by performance of standardized tests diminishes the education of the individual

  6. Education • “The idea that we can quantify the value of knowledge leads to a style of teaching that Freire called “banking education” a pedagogical approach in which teachers deposit knowledge into the “banks” of student’s brains” Pg 15 E&C • “Schooling in Capitalist America also argues that the form that education has taken- and the changes to it- have been driven by the changing needs of our capitalist economy” pg 23 (E&C)

  7. Capitalism • “Ponzi Scheme that made headlines in 2009. In a ponzi scheme, a con artist hoodwink victims into investing with the promise of obtaining high returns” p57 PP

  8. Capitalism • GMC factory unable to compete with the foreigh brand in 1980 • Improvements in the education & wage will help the improvements in economy • Capitalism that relate to economic systems especially if capitalism is related to the national politics • Immigrants help the improvement in economy • Tax that related to prop 30 • Pg. 26 Power of Politics

  9. President and Congress • “Presidents often seek to circumvent them by building their own personal coalitions. This entails appealing directly to the public for support instead of to interest groups and members of Congress. While this may reduce the obligations presidents owe other political actors, it also means that interest groups and members of Congress are less obliged to cooperate with the president.” Pg 211 (PP)