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  2. Thank you for attending !! • Please place phones on mute. • All questions will be addressed at the end of the webinar

  3. Agenda Purchasing Services Department, Director Christine Gerlach Accounting Department, Director Maria Ontiveros Internal Audit Department, Director Shinping (Champagne) Chyi

  4. Definition of Purchasing: • To obtain: equipment, material, supplies and/or services at the right: • QUALITY • QUANTITY • PRICE • SOURCE • TIME

  5. Purchasing Services Process • Solicitation is advertised, Pre-Solicitation meeting (if applicable), and ALL vendor questions with answers are posted on website. • Vendor provides a proposal • Evaluation committee reviews • Administration or Board Approval • Business unity is formed • All awarded info is posted on website


  7. Note 3 Items

  8. Terms & Conditions With Request and Award • All YISD purchase orders are governed by the District’s Terms and Conditions. • During a request for a solicitation proposal / quote, there are REQUEST Terms and Conditions to adhere, to ensure legality of proposal. • During an award of solicitation/quote, there are AWARD Terms and Conditions to adhere, to ensure legality of contract.

  9. Terms & Conditions With Request and Award..con’t • Ysleta ISD Terms and Conditions prevail and take precedence over vendors Terms and Conditions. • If the vendor does not accept Ysleta ISD Terms & Conditions, negotiations begin. • T&Cs are posted on website, attached as part of contract, included in the solicitation, etc…

  10. Terms & Conditions With Request and Award..con’t Sample of YISD purchase order

  11. Mandatory Forms, by law (5) • W9, Request for tax payer identification number and certification. Will be TIN matched with IRS before approved. • Conflict of Interest and Felony Conviction Notification • Criminal History Record, is required if Vendors that do business with the District: • have a possibility of frequent contact with students, and the vendor is unescorted by District employees, while on District property. • Located Texas Department of Public Safety webpage • Suspension / Debarment Certification

  12. Vendor Self Service (VSS) • New Vendors will register on-line and current vendors can update company information as needed to include remit address(es). • Vendors may also view purchase orders and accounting items (payables/receivables)/ Accounting will present in further detail • Must have Internet capability or visit Purchasing Department at Sims Dr. in El Paso to utilize a computer. • If current vendor and you do not have your vendor number, Please contact Purchasing DO NOT RE-ENTER INFORMATION

  13. Vendor Issues • Vendor issues occur when Ysleta ISD does not receive the equipment, material, supplies and services ordered at the right: • QUALITY • QUANTITY • PRICE • SOURCE • TIME

  14. Removal or Suspension from Vendors/Bidders List The Director of Purchasing Services may recommend removing or suspending any company from bidding, provided evidence is available for such action.

  15. Removal/Suspension Length of Time Guideline • 1 to 2 issues – Min.30 to Max.60 days after resolution. • 3 to 4 issues – Min. 90 to Max.180 days after resolution • 5 plus issues – Min.180 days to Max. 365 days after resolution • Violation of the laws of the State of Texas, City of El Paso or Federal Government – 1 year to permanent termination.

  16. Reinstatement on Bidders List Once the vendor receives notice of removal/ suspension: • Vendor submits written explanation shows circumstances have been corrected. Includes: root cause, containment plan, and corrective action to ensure future business does not have this issue. • The Director of Purchasing Services may modify or rescind the removal or suspension. • All vendor issues kept indefinitely. • Vendor issue will be reviewed during evaluations of award.

  17. Sole Source Process • Education Code 44.031 • 99.9% of awarded vendors are NOT sole source • Majority accepted are “captive” • Affidavit, located on purchasing webpage, complete, email or fax, Purchasing Services will advise if accepted.

  18. Competitive Solicitation Calendar -- Master Commodity Codes

  19. E-bid (Electronic bid) • Purchasing has launched the electronic bid (E-bid) submittal • A tutorial is available, for your convenience, and is located where the bids are advertised on the Purchasing website • Sample of how it looks like

  20. Active Date is being added to the Expiration Date field: Active Date

  21. Bid specifications update • District begins working on its calendar bids up to four months in advance. • The District will contact, by email, the current awarded vendors on the specific bid for suggestions on specifications. • When providing suggestions to the specifications, please do not provide pricing

  22. NEW AND IMPROVED • Awarded Solicitation information will now be posted on the purchasing webpage. Under “Awarded Contracts” and then by solicitation title. • If Board awarded, will be posted seven (7) consecutive days after award. • If Administrative awarded, will be posted twenty one (21) days after the “Closing” • Goal, to provide information with easier access to the vendor.

  23. Ten (10) YISD working days are allowed for a response

  24. This concludes the purchasing presentation NEXT, THE ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT WILL BEGIN ITS PRESENTATION

  25. Accounting Department Contact Information • Phone: 915-434-0251 • Fax: 915-435-9541 • Email: Accounting

  26. Invoice Requirements • Vendors must have an approved Purchase Order before providing any goods or services to the District. • The Purchase Order number must be referenced on each invoice. • The invoice must include the vendor name and complete physical and/or remit address • The invoice must match the Purchase Order.

  27. Invoice Requirements, Cont’d • The invoice must be itemized. • We prefer the invoice not be hand written, however if it is, please make sure the invoice is legible and calculated accurately. • It is the responsibility of the vendor to make sure all invoices are sent to the Accounts Payable Department. • An invoice is required in order for any payment to be processed.

  28. Billing of Goods and Svcs • All invoices need to be mailed to: Ysleta ISD Attn: Accounts Payable Department 9600 Sims Drive El Paso, Texas 79925 OR Faxed to: (915) 435-9541 OR E-mail to: • An invoice is required in order for any payment to be processed.

  29. Payment Terms • Payment terms are always net 30, unless a discount is offered for early payment. The discount must reflect on the invoice. • Vendor checks are processed once a week. Check runs are scheduled on Wednesdays and ALL checks are mailed on Thursdays, with the exception of District closures.

  30. Reasons for Payment Delays • Vendor name on Invoice does not match name on Purchase Order. • Campusdid NOT obtain a Purchase Order prior to placing order. • The invoice exceeds the quantity approved on the PO-must go thru approval process. • Incomplete shipments. • Accounts Payable did not get an invoice –may have been included with shipment and not sent to A/P.

  31. Sales Tax Exempt Form

  32. Affidavit of Non-Receipt

  33. This concludes the accounting presentation NEXT, THE INTERAL AUDIT DEPARTMENT WILL BEGIN ITS PRESENTATION

  34. Internal Auditor Shinping "Champagne" Chyi - ( Tel: 915-434-0040; Fax:  915-435-9544 We Trust but Verify Fraud, Abuse and Waste (FAW) Hotline: (915) 595-4367, no caller ID • Illegal or fraudulent acts • Misuse or theft of district property or funds • Waste of funds

  35. Thank you for attending Questions will now be entertained Discussions?