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  2. Agenda Purchasing Services Department, Director Christine Gerlach Accounting Department, Director Maria Ontiveros Internal Audit Department, Director Shinping (Champagne) Chyi

  3. Definition of Purchasing: • To obtain: equipment, material, supplies and/or services at the right: • QUALITY • QUANTITY • PRICE • SOURCE • TIME

  4. Purchasing Services Process • Solicitation is advertise, Pre-Solicitation meeting (if applicable), and ALL vendor questions with answers are posted on website. • Vendor provides a proposal • Evaluation committee reviews • Administration or Board Approval • Business unity is formed • All awarded info is posted on website 4


  6. Note 3 Items 8

  7. Terms and Conditions With Request and Award • All YISD purchase orders are governed by the District’s Terms and Conditions. • During a request for a solicitation proposal / quote, there are REQUEST Terms and Conditions to adhere, to ensure legality of proposal. • During an award of solicitation/quote, there are AWARD Terms and Conditions to adhere, to ensure legality of contract.

  8. Terms and Conditions With Request and Award • Ysleta ISD Terms and Conditions prevail and take precedence over vendors Terms and Conditions. • If the vendor does not accept Ysleta ISD Terms & Conditions, negotiations begin. • T&Cs are posted on website, attached as part of contract, included in the solicitation, etc…

  9. Mandatory Forms, by law (5) • W9, Request for tax payer identification number and certification. Will be TIN matched with IRS before approved. • Conflict of Interest and Felony Conviction Notification • Criminal History Record, is required if Vendors that do business with the District: • have a possibility of frequent contact with students, and the vendor is unescorted by District employees, while on District property. • Located Texas Department of Public Safety webpage • Suspension / Debarment Certification

  10. Vendor Self Service (VSS) • New Vendors will register on-line and current vendors can update company information as needed • Vendors may also view purchase orders and accounting items (payables/receivables) – Accounting will present in further detail • Must have Internet capability or visit Purchasing Department at Sims Dr. in El Paso to utilize a computer. • If current vendor and you do not have your vendor number, Please contact Purchasing, DO NOT RE-ENTER INFORMATION

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  14. Vendor Issues • Vendor issues occur when Ysleta ISD does not receive the equipment, material, supplies and services ordered at the right: • QUALITY • QUANTITY • PRICE • SOURCE • TIME

  15. Removal or Suspension from Vendors / Bidders List The Director of Purchasing Services may recommend removing or suspending any company from bidding, provided evidence is available for such action.

  16. Removal/Suspension Length of Time Guideline • 1 to 2 issues – Min.30 to Max.60 days after resolution. • 3 to 4 issues – Min. 90 to Max.180 days after resolution • 5 plus issues – Min.180 days to Max. 365 days after resolution • Violation of the laws of the State of Texas, City of El Paso or Federal Government – 1 year to permanent termination.

  17. Reinstatement on Bidders List Once the vendor receives notice of removal/ suspension: • Vendor submits written explanation shows circumstances have been corrected. Includes: root cause, containment plan, and corrective action to ensure future business does not have this issue. • The Director of Purchasing Services may modify or rescind the removal or suspension. • All vendor issues kept indefinitely. • Vendor issue will be reviewed during evaluations of award.

  18. Sole Source Process • Education Code 44.031 • 99.9% of awarded vendors are NOT sole source • Majority accepted are “captive” • Affidavit, located on purchasing webpage, complete, email or fax, Purchasing Services will advise if accepted.

  19. Competitive Solicitation Calendar -- Master Commodity Codes

  20. E-bid (Electronic bid) • Purchasing has launched the electronic bid (E-bid) submittal • A tutorial is available, for your convenience, and is located where the bids are advertised on the Purchasing website • Sample of how it looks like

  21. 26

  22. Jan 1, 14 Changes to Active Contracts • Bid Number Column • Cover, start/end date, estimated expenditure, options to extend (if applicable) • Tab, proposal information, 1st awarded vendor / yellow and 2nd awarded vendor / pink • Itm, solicitations Dec 2013 or older, items awarded (vendor & cost) 27

  23. Ten (10) YISD working days are allowed for a response 28

  24. Accounting Department Contact Information • Phone: 915-434-0251 • Fax: 915-435-9541 • Email: Accounting

  25. Invoice Requirements • Vendors must have an approved Purchase Order before providing any goods or services to the District. • The Purchase Order number must be referenced on each invoice. • The invoice must include the vendor name and complete physical and/or remit address • The invoice must match the Purchase Order.

  26. Invoice Requirements, Cont’d • The invoice must be itemized. • We prefer the invoice not be hand written, however if it is, please make sure the invoice is legible and calculated accurately. • It is the responsibility of the vendor to make sure all invoices are sent to the Accounts Payable Department. • An invoice is required in order for any payment to be processed.

  27. Billing of Goods and Services • All invoices need to be mailed to: Ysleta ISD Attn: Accounts Payable Department 9600 Sims Drive El Paso, Texas 79925 OR Faxed to: (915) 435-9541 OR E-mail to: • An invoice is required in order for any payment to be processed.

  28. Payment Terms • Payment terms are always net 30, unless a discount is offered for early payment. The discount must reflect on the invoice. • Vendor checks are processed once a week. Check runs are scheduled on Wednesdays and ALL checks are mailed on Thursdays, with the exception of District closures.

  29. Reasons for Payment Delays • Vendor name on Invoice does not match name on Purchase Order. • Campus did NOT obtain a Purchase Order prior to placing order. • The invoice exceeds the quantity pprovedon the PO-must go thru approval process. • Incomplete shipments. • Accounts Payable did not get an invoice –may have been included with shipment and not sent to A/P.

  30. Sales Tax Exempt Form

  31. Affidavit of Non-Receipt

  32. Internal Auditor Shinping "Champagne" Chyi - ( Tel: 915-434-0040; Fax:  915-435-9544 We Trust but Verify Fraud, Abuse and Waste (FAW) Hotline: (915) 595-4367, no caller ID • Illegal or fraudulent acts • Misuse or theft of district property or funds • Waste of funds 42

  33. Time Permitting, any questions? Discussions? THANK YOU for ATTENDING