excelsis fragrances are made from the finest n.
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Unique Perfume

Unique Perfume

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Unique Perfume

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  1. EXCELSIS fragrances are made from the finest essential oils from the far corners of the world. Among them: frankincense from the Arabian peninsula, lavender from France, bergamot from Italy. vetiver from Indonesia, linden blossom from Germany. Employing the methods of Old World perfumers, the various oils are artfully blended to create astonishingly pleasing fragrances with depth, character, balance and complexity. Combining oils with varying volatility results in fragrances that come to life and evolve after being placed on the skin, changing and delighting as the day progresses from morning to night.We think that our colognes are tasteful and elegant.We know of no finer colognes anywhere, at any price. Excelsis...bringing richness to life one fragrance at a time

  2. MENS COLOGNES Antigua Lyme - Antigua Lyme is a classic lime aftershave made in the British tradition. The addition of bergamot and vetiver to lime creates a gentleman’s aftershave worthy of the manor house. Fresh, clean and distinguished. Verdanza- an intriguing, warm, delectable blend of all green essential oils with enticing touches of basilica and rosemary.

  3. LADIES FRAGRANCES Loma Alta - favored by both ladies and gentlemen, this beguiling fragrance is reminiscent of high mountain meadows with a dewy top note of first light and a lingering dryout of dusk. Musk- Musk has a very complex aroma variously described as animalic, earthy, warm, woody, powdery. Its erotic and aphrodisiac qualities are legendary. Our Excelsis Musk includes pink grapefruit which imparts a freshness to the musky lingering undertone.

  4. EXCELSIS 11 Sandstone Court, San Rafael, California 94903 Phone: 888-357-3957 Fax: 415-507-9557 Email: Website: