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D&G Perfume

D&G Perfume

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D&G Perfume

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  1. 9 D&G Perfumes That Will Make You Say “Wow” D&G--the designer duo has raided the world of stylish women with their flashy takes on female sexuality. Their signature style is appropriately visible in their watches, sunglasses, corset dresses, and even perfumes. Offering luxurious notes in their fragrances, Dolce & Gabbana perfumes include famous lines such as “Light Blue”, tarot inspired “Anthology” and “The One”—which is arguably this decade’s toast! Here’s to the hottest favorites that you need to stock up too. The One Desire: Boasting of being amongst the finest women’s perfumes on the racks today, this D&G perfume aims at making its wearer feel unique, desirable, and attractive. The One Desire begins on a citrus note with an interesting combination of lily and litchi. It blooms into sultry tuberose with a solid base of vanilla and caramel and is surely the way to go! The One EDT: Aimed for women who attract others with their poise, manners and grace like no other, The One EDT exudes an exquisite character that makes it ‘oh-so-special.’ Enjoy its fruity and warm beginning notes that mature into lingering vanilla and other sensual aromas. With a hue that befits all occasions to the hilt, this interesting D&G perfume presents the goodness of being balmy, fresh, and woody….. All together. Light Blue EDT: D&G Light Blue EDT, one of the bestselling perfumes by this brand, lures with its breezy citrus notes, and how.

  2. This interesting and cool perfume makes you experience a Sicilian summer with its generous notes and mouth watering fragrance. Wear it across the day for a refreshing feel or use it for those romantic evening dates—either way you are a winner! The One Rose: The One Rose, one of the latest perfumes in the range of new fragrances from Dolce & Gabbana, is known for its intoxicating notes. Incorporating pink grapefruit, black currant, mandarin, rose, litchi, lily of the valley, peony, ambrette seed, Madonna lily, sandalwood, vanilla and musk, this popular fragrance is available in 75. 50 and 30 ml EDP concentrations. Pour Femme: The exquisite lines of D&G perfumes were made all the more special with the launch of Pour Femme in 1992.

  3. This rich fragrance serves as a rich floral rendition of jasmines and orange blossoms. Additionally, it is surrounded by the goodness of raspberries neroli. It seals off the base notes of sandalwood and vanilla. Overall, this distinctive D&G variant is a beautiful aromatic that has met its revival in 2012. L’ Imperatrice EDT: An integral part of the tarot inspired Dolce & Gabbana Anthology Collection; the perfume offers breath taking aromas of fresh watermelons and kiwis over the lingering essence of white musk. L’ Imperatrice EDT was endorsed in the benchmarked D&G style and has managed to garner a lot of attention from women from all walks of life, and how! L ‘Eau The One EDT: Yet another rendition attributed to the initial “The One”--L ‘Eau The One EDT--an exquisite perfume, boasts of a large fan following too. It exudes a charming variation of notes that belong to the original one too. Available as 75 ml and 50 ml EDP, L`eau The One had made its first appearance in 2008. La Roue de La Fortune 10: A brilliant composition, La Roue de La Fortune 10 belongs to the tarot cards inspired Anthology Collection. It’s laden with interesting aromas of patchouli, tuberose, and jasmine. Don it to work, or wear it in the evenings to enjoy refreshing overtures of gardenia and benzoin! Red Eau De Toilette: Own a slice of the D&G fashion brand. Yes, bring home a classic floral aldehyde that attracts one and all with its uniqueness of composition and contrasts. Here, there is a feminine jasmine with a masculine musk, a citrusy mandarin with bitter basil and the sweet balsamic notes of vanilla. This is one of those brilliant fragrances by IFF. So, which of these D&G perfumes gel well with your style? Buy one today!