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Perfume. Setting: Grasse Shannon Clery Amit Oz. Why/how does Grenouille find himself in this setting? Does he choose to be there, or not?.

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  1. Perfume • Setting: Grasse • Shannon Clery • Amit Oz

  2. Why/how does Grenouille find himself in this setting? Does he choose to be there, or not? • Grenouille, now having gained the confidence to walk freely amongst the public, has made the journey to Grasse. Now that he has his own odor and money, and therefore no longer stands out in a crowd, he feels secure using public transportation and walking around surrounded by fellow countrymen.“He no longer avoided busy roads and cities, he made no detours. he had an odor, he had money, he had self-confidence, and he had no time to lose.” • Grenouille left Montpellier by evening, arrived at Le Grau du Roi. he took a merchant ship to Marseille, and another ship from there a bit further down the coast to the east, and continued the rest of the way by foot. • He went to Grasse in order to learn perfuming techniques.“He had come because he knew that he could learn about several techniques for production of scent there better than elsewhere”

  3. How long is he there? • He is there for two years, until he is acquitted of all his murders.“the magistrate has overturned the verdict”“Once he had crossed the grounds, he... walked straight across the field to the west, never once turning to look back”

  4. What major experiences does he have there? • He kills Laura Richi“The sound of the blow was a dull, grinding thud.”“Only now was she really dead for him, withered away...” • He gets arrested

  5. What causes him to leave? • He leaves because he is unable to enjoy the adoration poured upon him, as he hates his worshippers. • He also needs to escape his crime and arrest.

  6. How does the setting affect, mould or change him? What does it give him? • “He was greater than Prometheus. He had created am aura more radiant and more effective than any human being ha ever possessed before him... And in that moment he experienced the greatest triumph of his life”

  7. What does he take or learn from the setting when he moves on?

  8. What do you think the overall significance of the setting is? Why did Suskind choose that place to describe that experience or change or learning?

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