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  2. What is e-FMS? • e-FMS is expanded as “Electronic Funds Management System.” • e-FMS software, an independent tool developed by the National Informatics Centre for facilitating online transfer of funds to the beneficiary accounts, exclusively for the beneficiaries coming under the “Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA).” • The e-FMS serves to online transfer of funds seamlessly and on real time basis to the beneficiary accounts those are validated and updated in MGNREGS MIS.

  3. Why e-FMS? • Real Time Transfer of Funds to beneficiaries; • To reduce delay in payments; • To avoid un-necessary parking of funds at various levels; • To eliminate middlemen activities; • Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) based authorization and authentication; • To do away with paper work thus “Green Environment”; • To implement e-Governance initiatives; • The benefits of reduced administrative costs; • Optimum utilization of funds released for the developmental programmes; • Increased efficiency; • Simplified book-keeping; • Ease of Audit and obtain Utilization Certificate; • Greater security; • Achieve Transparency.

  4. Activities to be undertaken by State: e-FMS • Identification of Key Bank(s) by the State. • Signing up of an Agreement/MoU between the State and the Key Bank(s) to enable a seamless electronic payment mechanism. • Co-ordination with the selected Key Bank(s) for Interfacing NREGASoft with the Bank’s Core Banking System. • Updation /verification & Freezing of bank accounts of stake holders. • Identification of payment level with signatories at that level. • Issuance of Digital Signatures to all Approving Authorities, typically an Accountant and the Program Officer at every Block and the District Program Co-ordinator at every District, in the State. • Training the Approving Authorities on the usage of Digital Signatures for approving the payments. • Positioning adequate technical manpower at State / District for handholding and troubleshooting support on a daily basis. • If using offline version of NREGASoft, the e-FMS location must make effort to move to online version of NREGASoft.

  5. Work Allocation Registration of Worker Issuance of Job cards Demand for work Work Allocation Registration of Worker Issuance of Job cards Demand for work Preparation of MB By Engineer Daily Attendance Generation of E-Muster Preparation of Wage slip & Wage list Preparation of FTO debiting Account wise Material List preparation First Signatory Copy of FTO saved on State Archive Second Signatory Admin Expen. List preparation

  6. Verification of Bank A/c of Stakeholders

  7. Account Number details of MGNREGA workers of one GP downloaded for validation and freezing

  8. Updation of A/c Details of Stakeholders

  9. Freeze Worker Account

  10. Generate Wage List Generate e-Muster Roll Generate Wage List


  12. Select the payment through EFMS and Click Send Wage list For Payment Command Button Se

  13. The Wage list is created successfully and the Wage list contains a unique number like 2412021WL00001 ; Send wage list for payment.

  14. Generate FTO View the wage list records in “ Generation of FTO by First Signatory “ Then verify the correctness of records and then select by Clicking check boxes. Click the Proceed Command Button, a FTO (Fund Transfer Order) will be generated.  

  15. After Clicking the Authorize Button FTO is generated 2412021_090412FTO_1

  16. After some time, the FTO will be forwarded to next level.

  17. Approve and Send FTO to Bank by PO/ BDO • Login to “Approve and Send FTO to Bank by PO/ BDO” under “District/ Block Administration” option available in NREGASoft. • Now the FTO signed by Accounts Officer and not signed by PO/BDO will be available in his module. • Then the BDO will approve the FTO by adding the Digital Signature to the FTO or reject the FTO with suitable reason. • The FTO will be digitally signed and sent to the Nodal Bank server as soon as PO/BDO presses the approve Button.

  18. After some time, the FTO will be forwarded to next level.

  19. What is DSC: • A digital signature authenticates electronic documents in a similar manner a handwritten signature authenticates printed documents. • This signature cannot be fictitious and it asserts that a named person wrote or otherwise agreed to the document to which the signature is attached. • The recipient of a digitally signed message can verify that the message originated from the person whose signature is attached to the document and that the message has not been altered either intentionally or accidentally since it was signed. • Also, the signer of a document cannot later disown it by claiming that the signature was fictitious. In other words, digital signatures enable the "authentication" and assuring the recipient of a digital message of both the identity of the sender and the integrity of the message.

  20. DSC MANAGEMENT • Apply for DSC • Visit the site • Click on download DSC request Form • Print the form • Click on class II for the item 2 - class of certificate required • Click on Individual Signing and encryption for the item 3 – usage of DSCs • Fill the form • Attach the DD of required amount and give to state/district NIC Centre

  21. Installation of Digital Signature • Visit the site • Click the Option “ Download Smart Card /USB e-Token Driver” • Download Star Key/ G&D Safesign Identity-Client (Zip Format) • Extract the Zip file and then in the Star Key folder contains 2 files. • SafeSign-Identity_Client-3.0.00-32-ADMIN-Full.exe(For 32 bit Machine) • SafeSign-Identity_Client-3.0.00-32-ADMIN-Full.exe(For 64 bit Machine) • Now attach the DSC token in USB port of the computer. • Then go to (Internet Explorer  Tools  Internet Option  Content Certificate) • It will show your DSC Certificate. • If Token is shown, now your machine is capable of using DSC Tokens. • If DSC certificate is NOT shown, then the driver is not installed properly

  22. Enrollment of Digital Signature • It is one time process. • To enroll Digital Signature, connect the DSC to USB of the computer. • System will check Java JRE on your machine. If it is not there, Click Dist/ Block Administrator of NREGASoft. • Select the link “Generate FTO by Accountant” • Then it will show link “Download Java JRE and Install”. Download and install Java JRE on your machine. • To enroll new DSC on Your Machine Connect the digital signature USB token to the USB port of your machine. • System will show all available DSC no. of your Machine Including the One in USB token if USB token is connected to your Machine.

  23. Select the DSC to be used for NREGA e-FMS. System will check for expiry date of DSC. If expired you have to get it renewed from issuing authority(NIC) If DSC if valid it will prompt for PIN Number. Enter PIN number. If PIN number is correct you are enrolled in NREGASoft. Enrollment of Digital Signature (Contd.)