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Private Prisons

Private Prisons

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Private Prisons

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  1. Private Prisons

    By YixinShen and Patrick Shin
  2. Private Prisons are… Prisons that are run by third parties that were contracted by the government
  3. Leaders of the Industry Correctional Corporation of America Established in 1983 with first contract in 1984 Largest private prisons contractor Other companies include... GEO. Group Cornell
  4. State of Private Prisons Oklahoma Department of Corrections
  5. Prison Policy Initiative
  6. History Private imprisonment had been common in England Late 1800s - The Convict lease Prisoners were leased out to private companies as part of the work force Poorly conditioned and corrupted Significant racial element 1928 - Alabama is the last state to outlaw convict lease
  7. History The private sector began to approach that mainstream in 1979 when the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) began contracting with private firms to detain illegal immigrants pending hearings or deportation Private prison business first emerged in 1984 when the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) was awarded to take over a facility in Hamilton County, Tennessee By the time a national census of juvenile correctional facilities in the United States was conducted in 1989, the number of privately operated facilities had grown to 2,167, compared to 1,100 public ones
  8. Private Prisons are Beneficial Economic Benefits They are operated under market economy so efficiency is valued Less costly to maintain and saves taxpayers money
  9. Private Prisons are Beneficial Private Prisons are Beneficial Prison quality Employees are much more accountable compared to public prisons Records indicate many private prisons outperformed public prisons
  10. Cornell University: Restructuring Local Government
  11. Private Prisons are Beneficial Other benefits and advantages Prevents overcrowding Will not necessarily replace public prisons Brings about economical benefits to the community
  12. Private Prisons are Beneficial The Arizona Department of Correction: Private prisons outperformed state-run institutions Convicts rated Tennessee's Silverdale Detention Center, which was taken over by private enterprise, with high regard A Bureau of Justice Assistance study found that private prisons have slightly higher rates of assault on inmate and staff, but substantially lower rates of riots and inmate death Elliott D. Pollack & Company in Arizona reports that "the construction of a single 3,000-bed correctional facility would generate over 2,500 new jobs paying more than $116 million in salaries and wages that would result in more than $300 million in economic activity."
  13. Private Prisons are Beneficial Reason Foundation A non-profit think tank that promotes Libertarian values Supportive of many private prisons Writes articles and opinions pieces that support private prisons ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) Conservative and  private sector policy advocates Creates model laws for legislators Consist of legislators, governors, congressman, and many private sectors. Includes CCA
  14. Evidence Against Private Prisons Private Prisons are harmful Do not provide sufficient health care to prisoners Can not control violence Falsely releasing prisoners Criminal activity within the prison Sale of drugs within the prison Does not pay its workers well Training of guards do not meet the standard of a government run prison
  15. Private Prisons are harmful Incentive to cut costs and maximize profit presents a threat to the safety of prisoners an illegitimate delegation of government authority to allow private companies to take control of an integral part of the justice system It is the proper duty of the public sector to determine just sentences for violations of the law
  16. Private Prisons should be Banned Private Prisons are harmful To be profitable, private prison firms must be filled 90-95 percent to guarantee return needed to lure investors Over-reliance by government on incarceration at the expense of preventive social programs To increase profit margins, companies have cut corners on drug rehabilitation, counseling and literacy programs.
  17. Private Prisons are not Beneficial Private Prisons are harmful Private Prisons Do Not Save Money
  18. Interest Groups Against Private Prisons C.A.P.P. (Citizens Against Private Prisons) AFSCME (American Federal of State, County and Municipal Employees)
  19. Recent Developments Private Prisons Helped Draft Arizona Immigration Law (November 2nd 2010) State Funded For Profit Juvenile Prison Sued for Assault (October 18, 2010)
  20. Bill Omnibus Appropriation Bill State Criminal Alien Assistance Program Prison Rape Cable Television in Prisons Residential Substance Abuse
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