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IDEA Pitch

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IDEA Pitch

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  1. IDEAPitch

  2. Rules Please keep the ideas you hear in confidence, presenters have put good faith and trust in you. At times you may be required to sign and be bound by a Non Disclosure Agreement. You have 8 minutes. >Make them count. >Stick to the time. >Be to the point. >Know your stuff inside out. >Know what you want to achieve.

  3. Procedure You Present >What is the idea >Research >The road ahead >What do you want/need? A Q >Q&A Shoot out

  4. Tips >Be smart about protecting your IP: Say what is your idea, not howit’s done. >What problem does it solve? >Does it make life easier? Is the world a better place with it? >Why do you think it’s feasible? >So what now? What you need/want? Problems? >Do not use empty words: ‘like’, ‘..mmm..’, ‘things like that’ and etc. Don’t waste time. Be hard on yourself, it’s worth it. We want to be hard on you because investors will be. Get used to the rules of the game early on. Club members in the room are investing their time into listening to your idea, give them a good return on the time they invest.

  5. Get Started. Sample slides on next page

  6. Problem What is your one sentence “elevator” pitch? What is the problem in the marketplace?

  7. Solution What is your proposed solution? Who would be the customers for this solution? What is the target market?

  8. Business Model What is the business model for the proposed venture (how will it make money)?

  9. You vs. Competitors Who are the competitors? What is your competitive advantage? What relevant experience do the team members bring to the venture?

  10. Milestones & Goals What milestones can you accomplish in 6 months/next year? If you were given $10,000. How would you use the award?

  11. Now go ahead and be the architect of your own progress.