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Objectives of the Study PowerPoint Presentation
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Objectives of the Study

Objectives of the Study

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Objectives of the Study

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  1. Objectives of the Study Evaluate existing parking conditions Calculate existing parking demand Evaluate parking practices in five FL cities Identify best practices for parking management Recommend potential parking strategies for Dania Beach to support redevelopment vision

  2. Parking Problem Too Much Parking Too much parking consumes valuable developable space Counterproductive to TOD goals Too Little Parking Difficulty obtaining financing for development Decrease in business activity

  3. Study Area • Existing downtown TOD district • 160-acres • Non-residential areas on either side of US 1

  4. Defining the Problem Tight grid - Smaller block sizes Challenges associated with on-site parking Code does not distinguish between urban and suburban conditions Parking in downtown is more difficult than providing in the remainder of the City

  5. Existing Parking Conditions No designated off-/on-street public parking Undesignated on-street parking throughout downtown Overflow/spillover parking in vacant lots, swales and sidewalks General lack of parking enforcement Perception of parking deficit within downtown

  6. Undesignated on-street parking along NW 1st Ave. between NW 1st Street and Hill Street Undesignated on-street parking on SW 4th Avenue between SW Park Street and SW 1st Street Parking within Study Area

  7. Parking on swales on Dixie Highway to the west of Federal Highway intersection Parking on swales at the intersection of Hill St. and NW 3rd Avenue Parking within Study Area

  8. Spill over parking on side streets Parking within Study Area West side of Federal Highway between SW 1st Street and SW 2nd Street

  9. Parking within Study Area Parking Violation observed on NW 1st Avenue between Hill Street and NW 1st Street Illegal Parking observed on SW 1st Avenue between SW 2nd Street and SW 3rd Street

  10. Parking Supply vs. Demand Legend #/# = Existing/Code Required Total Existing Spaces 2,542 Code Required Spaces 6,032 Total Deficit 3,490

  11. Parking Code Comparison

  12. Relative Rate Comparison

  13. Unintended Consequence of High Parking Rates For sites with limited developable land, higher rates can become a significant impediment to redevelopment. Example: For a 2,000 s.f. restaurant, the City on average requires 10 extra spaces (additional 3,300 s.f. of site area for parking)

  14. Lessons Learned Emphasis on public parking within downtown – both on street and off street Comprehensive parking management Shared parking provisions Minimum and Maximum parking requirements Centrally located public parking Allow developers to build on-street parking Transit fee from parking excess

  15. Best Management Practices • Applicable to the City: YES (Action: City should consider adopted latest ULI methodology) Strategy 1: Shared Parking Shared parking is the use of a parking space to serve multiple land uses. City does have shared parking provision in LDC

  16. Best Management Practices Strategy 2: Payment-in-Lieu of Parking Developers have the option to pay a fee in lieu of providing the required off-street parking spaces Applicable to the City: YES (Action: City should consider adopting a Payment-in-Lieu System)

  17. Payment-in-Lieu Fee Comparison

  18. Best Management Practices Strategy 3: Transportation Demand Management TDM strategies - Ridesharing, telecommuting, flexible work schedule, bicycle/pedestrian plans, parking management, transit incentives Applicable to the City: YES (Action: City should consider adopting TDM strategies into LDC)

  19. Best Management Practices Strategy 4: On-Street Parking Potential source of revenue Helps meet parking demand Traffic calming tool Serves storefront retail Applicable to the City: YES (Action: City should consider allowing on-street where applicable)

  20. Best Management Practices

  21. Best Management Practices Strategy 5: Parking Garage Management Location and service area (centralized) Construction, operation and maintenance costs (Typical cost: $22 - $447 per space) Applicable to the City: YES (Action: City should consider developing public parking garages)

  22. Best Management Practices Strategy 6: Incentives and Bonuses in LDC Liberal use of on-street parking Off-street special event parking Establish special parking districts Affordable housing parking reductions Applicable to the City: YES (Action: City should consider updating LDC to include incentives)

  23. Recommendations • Develop a comprehensive parking management plan: • Modify shared parking provisions • Establish a payment-in-lieu fee program • Designate/enforce on-street parking • Establish a downtown parking district • Emphasize centralized public parking over private parking