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  1. Mandala • Sacred Circle

  2. The mandala is one of humankind's most ancient art forms. With the circle as its basis, it reflects eternity and all of nature: the sun, the moon and even the bird's nest. Types of mandalas may be found in all religions, as well as in psychology. History The word "mandala" is Sanskrit for "circle." According to mandala artist Charles Gilchrist, creator of "Sacred Geometry," a wandering guru may have brought the first meditation mandalas to Tibet in about the eighth century. Mandalas have been found across the Far East, and Native Americans symbolism is based on the "sacred hoop." Mandalas are considered to be of Eastern origin, but it would be difficult, if not impossible, to find any civilization without some awareness of the circle's symbolism and potential for spiritual self-examination.

  3. Buddhist

  4. Hindu

  5. Native American

  6. Native American

  7. Celtic

  8. Celtic

  9. Aztec

  10. Aztec

  11. Symbolism • Mandalas use symbolism to achieve different results. • Some mandalas are healing, teaching and intuitive or inner searching.

  12. Diamond: the indestructible diamond, clear, yet showing all colours, becomes a symbol of the nature of the mind Bell: the female part of the Tantric polarity: the symbol of emptiness - the boundless openness, giving room for wisdom Vajra: the male part of the Tantric polarity: the symbol of effective means and Buddha's active compassion with the meditating person. Originally it was the thunderbolt of the god Indra, later it came to represent the diamond Dharma Wheel: the eight hubs are a symbol of the Eightfold Path*, leading to perfection 1. right belief 2. right resolution 3. right speech 4. right action 5. right living 6. right effort 7. right thinking 8. peace of mind through meditation Lotus: symbol of the teaching of Buddha. The plant standing with the roots in the mud, yet raising its blossom towards the light. You can be like it

  13. Native American Healing Symbols Badger or Bear Paws, (badger seen here -- longer claws) usually considered a way of summoning the power of the animal spirit, or as an indication of the presence of the spirit.  Badgers are revered as healing animals and as tenacious hunters.  Their tracks may signify health and strength. Bear Paws/Tracks are also symbols of authority and leadership. , Plants, primary foodsources, tools, materials for basket making, healing provide many images. Snake, found in many healing and fertility rituals, is connected with lightning, the male organ, speed, and being able to move undetected. He is usually depicted with his tongue extended. He is also considered a hunter, and in some emergence stories is "first helper", although his nature is usually more ominous.

  14. Celtic Symbols Single spiral: birth and growth, evolution, surrender, release, awareness of the one within the context of the whole. The Triquetra has three distinct, yet interlocked points. As with most Celtic Knots, it represents eternal life. The Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as well as the Trinity of soul: Physical, mental, and spiritual. The Triskele is used to symbolize the cycles of life with in the three fold, or three spheres of influence in the material world. The three spheres (Land, Sea and Sky) represents the three aspects of the material world that are contained in every object. Each aspect ever flowing outward and always returning to the point from which it started.

  15. Vocabulary RADIAL Symmetry - when a design begins at the center and develops evenly out to the edges with the patterns. ComplementaryColor Scheme - colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel are considered to be complementary colors (example: red and green). The high contrast of complementary colors creates a vibrant look especially when used at full saturation.

  16. Examples of Radial Symmetry or Radial Design Rosette window on Notre Dame Cathedral

  17. Hub Caps

  18. Sewer Caps

  19. Example of complementary color scheme Artist, MC Escher

  20. Create your personal Mandala • Use existing symbols or create your own. • draw in pencil aand finish with colored pencils. • Use radial symmetry and complementary color scheme. • Start at a center point and build the design outward with a pencil and ruler.