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Personal Mandala

Personal Mandala

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Personal Mandala

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  1. Personal Mandala

  2. What is a Mandala, you ask? Mandala: any of various geometric designs (usually circular) symbolizing the universe; used chiefly in Hinduism and Buddhism as an aid to meditation  It literally translates to “Circle” or “Center”

  3. Temporary Sand Mandala • Tibetan monks create impermanent mandalasas an act of meditation. When they’ve completed the mandala, they sweep it up and release the sand into a moving body of water to spread the mandala’s blessings. Notice how they plan their pieces out first!

  4. Chenrezig Sand Mandala created at the House of Commons of the United Kingdom on the occasion of the Dalai Lama's visit in May 2008

  5. Personal Mandalas:

  6. What is a Personal Mandala? • In the West, mandala is used to refer to the "personal world" in which one lives. The significance of objects within a mandala are conveyed by shape, size, and color; they can be abstract designs or specific images of people, places, and ideas that are central to a person’s life

  7. Mandala Basics (design) • circular design in layers radiating from the center • center symbolizes that which is beyond our understanding • circumference reflects its potential as well as boundaries

  8. Materials Needed A ruler A home made compass – made by using cardboard and a hole punch! Thick paper Acrylic paint (this does not come out of clothing) Paint brushes Water

  9. Your Assignment… You will create your own personal mandala using paint. The overall effect must resemble the examples I’ve shown you today. • Grid out your paper into squares and then make your circle. Draw lightly! • Plan your images – They can just be symbols or colors to represent what you think is important. • Draw the mandala out first on your paper • Paint your images carefully • Check to be sure that you have at least five layers.

  10. A few more examples: