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Broken Glass PowerPoint Presentation
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Broken Glass

Broken Glass

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Broken Glass

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  1. Lesson 1 Broken Glass

  2. Summary: Study the following images and… • Explain the significance of the image to the play so far; • Link it to a major theme in the play; Some are quite ABSTRACT, so will need some thinking through.

  3. Objectives for Today WALT – WE ARE LEARNING TO: Explore Miller’s presentation of gender in the play so far… WILF – WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR: B5 – Confident grasp of concepts and apt use of terminology. B4 – Secure grasp of concepts and sensible use of terminology. B3– Sensible grasp of key concepts. B2 – Some, not always relevant use of concepts and terminology. TIB - THIS IS BECAUSE: In your recent essays you generally needed to explore character presentation in more detail.

  4. Binary Opposites • White opposes black, day opposes night, happy opposes sad, dark opposes light; the list is endless! As we can tell, these are all opposites. What makes something an opposite is defined by what it is not. • A binary opposition refers to all those things that we believe are opposites but are actually social and cultural differences that we as humans have composed. It is a part of our human nature to conform to these oppositions, although we do this subconsciously. • They are what forms our society and its ‘ideals’ and we almost place things in a hierarchy where we assert things certain values.

  5. Binary Opposites Name celebrities/people in the public eye who epitomise these male and female ideals?

  6. Gellburg – which realms does he inhabit in the play?

  7. Make a sensitive judgment… • Is Gellburg a male character who is ‘out-of-synch’ and not matching the masculine ideal? • Is Gellburg a male character who does represent the masculine ideal? • How does he compare to Hyman on this front?

  8. Paragraph • Gellburg appears to start the play in a stereotypically female role - as weak and dependent, rather than strong and independent. • He is presented as at the mercy of his wife’s condition. He cannot do anything about this. • He is presented as at the mercy of a doctor – as he cannot ‘fix’ her. • He… WHAT FURTEHR IDEAS CAN YOU ADD??

  9. Return to the images at the start of the lesson: • Explain in detail how one of these images is a potent symbol of gender in the play so far…