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Photography Pitch

Photography Pitch

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Photography Pitch

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  1. Idea 1 Idea 2 I wish to take pictures of cars that will appeal/entertain to the audience who will be with the age of 18-54yrs old who have an an interest in cars. Photography Pitch Posing with a car Toy cars made to look big Photo shoot mind map These photos can be very creative as toy cars are usually surreal and futuristic designs which can make the reader think about what could be the car designs of the future. These photos can make the reader visualize themselves posing with the car by replacing the person in the photo. This then makes the reader to become inspired and motivated by this. Cons Pros All angles can be covered A person can pose with the car Simple to photograph May cost Cons Expensive to hire Expensive if damaged Can be dangerous due to size Cars are hard to get hold of Pros Does not require large studio or area May not be as good as the real thing Shot angles become limitedif background effects how large the model car looks for example an object in the background of a long shot revealing the true size of the car. Needs a good amount of lighting No need to gain access to real expensive cars. Designs are very imaginative with toy cars. Eye catching designs. Photos can easily be taken from all angles.

  2. Finding a studio large enough would be too hard and expensive. Requires a large amount of lighting to cover the large area of the car. Expensive Permission from car owner. Hard to find sport car owner willing to give permission for photo shoot. Can only be done on set such as a field or road. Can be achievable in a dark/bright box. No large studio needed. Only requires small amount of lighting. No props needed.. Permission from model car owner. Photo shoot mind map Camera and lighting such as a torch is needed.

  3. Idea 1 inspirations Idea 2 inspiration These shots appeal to me because of how simplistic they are and how easy they are to achieve. With a small amount of lighting to shine on a specific part of a good quality scale model car you can easily achieve an overall image that looks exactly like a real car shoot. As you can see the images above are shot with either a dark or bright background with nothing in shot this ensures there is nothing in shot which could reveal the cars true size. I will incorporate this into my shoots. Because of how considerably cheaper his method is it seems to be much more effective method which can achieve the same picture quality as a real car photo shot simply using a box cut out. This method would be harder to achieve due to how hard it would be to attain a sports car and a sizable enough studio or good enough backdrop for the car to be set in. I took this as inspiration because men modeling with expensive cars makes them look powerful because of the low angle shots emphasizing on the size of the person and the car therefore relating to power that comes with owning a car. In addition car modeling car be seen as flashy and showing of which can make people either aspire to have an expensive car or to feel jealousy for the person within the photo. This photography simply requires a person standing with or inside the car. Photo inspiration

  4. Medium shutter speed- Fast would over expose the background and take away sharpness/detail in the image. Simple, effective style of photography person in the image looks relaxed showing of his expensive car by facing away from it making out that it is not a big deal. Onset background shows the road, grass and the sky within. Showing the car in its usual habitat therefore allowing the viewer to see what the car would look like on an open road(In a real world scenario) Car slightly angled showing both the front and side of the car in detail. Taken in a small white to create a professional finish