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  1. Pitch

  2. How can I present my work? I can present my work through sound, images, video, hand-outs, visual aids, transitions, PowerPoint presentation, internet, billboard.

  3. Proposal My idea is a turkey which will represent thanksgiving. I will require permission from the school to use the canteen during lesson times as nobody will be in there and there will most likely be no background clutter. I will require string and paper which can be easily obtainable from the school free of charge. I’ll use a school camera as it won’t cost anything and I know they are reliable even though they are a far lower quality than I am used to. I will be using a Kodak Easy Share C713 that has a KODAK AF 3x optical aspheric lens and I wont be using a tripod. Cost - None as the canteen is free to use, as are the school cameras. I don't plan on wasting money on the horrible canteen food and if I break the camera it will cost me around £38.99 to replace it from amazon. I am estimating it will take about 30 minutes to make my mask. It will take me approximately about 3 minutes to take each shot till I manage to capture an image that is decent enough, I will repeat this process 8 times meaning it will take 24 minutes to take my images. The time totals up to 54 minutes required to create my mask and take my shots.

  4. Proposal Crew List – Callum Murphy (set up equipment), Qavi Khan (Photographer + Mask model), Conor Whiting (Mask model) USP (Unique Selling Point) – I would like to say that my product is different from the rest as Thanksgiving is an American holiday and is not widely celebrated in the UK, therefore I am hoping my idea will set the trend of Thanksgiving in the UK. Format – I could present my work through the use of viral marketing by producing a viral video including my images and this would get them mainstream attention from a diverse potential audience and keep cost minimal. Target Audience – The target audience for this is could perhaps be soldiers returning from Afghanistan as America is Britain’s closest ally and the soldiers perhaps spent a good deal of time with US soldiers and perhaps discussing the cultures and they may come back more aware in Thanksgiving. Inspiration from professional practice – Nicholas Samara I like the how he edited the images lighting to make the colours more vibrant and that the framing and angle of his images are so good to make the overall images look more attractive.