aba ginoong maria n.
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Aba , Ginoong Maria PowerPoint Presentation
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Aba , Ginoong Maria

Aba , Ginoong Maria

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Aba , Ginoong Maria

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  1. Aba, Ginoong Maria Aba, Ginoong MariaNapupuno ka ng grasyaAng D’yos ay sumasaiyoBukod kang pinagpala sa babaeng lahatAt pinagpala namanAng 'yong anak na si Hesus

  2. Santa Maria, Ina ng DiyosIpanalangin mo kaming makasalananNgayon at kung kami'y mamamatayAmen

  3. The First Joyful Mystery THE ANNUNCIATION “Spiritual Fruit: Humility”

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  5. Immaculate Mother Immaculate Mother, we come at thy callAnd low at thy altar before thee we fall. Ave, ave, ave, Maria!Ave, ave, ave, Maria!

  6. We pray for our Mother, the church upon earthAnd bless, sweetest Lady, the land of our birth. Ave, ave, ave, Maria! Ave, ave, ave, Maria!

  7. In grief and temptation, in joy and in painWe’ll see thee, our Mother, nor see thee in vain. Ave, ave, ave, Maria!Ave, ave, ave, Maria!

  8. The time for the Incarnation is at hand.

  9. Of all women God prepared Mary from her conception to be the Mother of the Incarnate Word.

  10. The Angel Gabriel announces: "Hail, full of grace! The Lord is with thee."

  11. Mary wonders at this salutation.

  12. The Angel assures her: "Fear not . . . you shall conceive in your womb, and give birth to a Son."

  13. Mary is troubled for she has made a vow of virginity.

  14. The Angel answers that she will conceive by the power of the Holy Spirit, and her Son will be called the Son of God.

  15. The Incarnation awaits Mary's consent.

  16. Mary answers: "Behold the handmaid of the Lord. Be it done unto me according to your word."

  17. The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.

  18. The Second Joyful Mystery THE VISITATION “Spiritual Fruit: Love of Neighbor”

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  20. Inay Sa mahinahong paalam ng araw Sa pag-ihip ng hanging kahapunan Balabal ko'y init ng 'yong pag-ibig Sa dapit-hapong kay lamig

  21. Mga bituin kay agang magsigising Umaandap, mapaglaro man din Iyong ngiti hatid nila sa akin Sa diwa ko't panalangin

  22. Puso ko'y pahimlayin Inay Upang yaring hamog Ng gabing tiwasay Ay madama ko bilang damping Halik ng 'yong Anak Ay! Irog kong inay

  23. Sa palad niyo itago aking palad Aking bakas sa inyong bakas ilapat At iuwi sa tahanan kong dapat Sa piling ng inyong Anak

  24. Puso ko'y pahimlayin Inay Upang yaring hamog Ng gabing tiwasay Ay madama ko bilang damping Halik ng 'yong anak Ay! Irog ko, O Ina kong mahal Ay! Irog kong Inay

  25. Mary's cousin Elizabeth conceived a son in her old age . . . for nothing is impossible with God.

  26. Charity prompts Mary to hasten to visit Elizabeth in the hour of her need.

  27. The journey to Elizabeth's home is about eighty miles requiring four or five days.

  28. Though long and arduous, the journey is joyous, for Mary bears with her the Incarnate Word.

  29. At Mary's salutation, John the Baptist is sanctified in his mother's womb.

  30. Elizabeth exclaims: "Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb."

  31. "How have I deserved that the mother of my Lord should come to me?"

  32. "Blessed is she who believed that the Lord's words to her would be fulfilled."

  33. Mary replies: "My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord, and my spirit finds joy in God my Savior."

  34. Mary serves her cousin in all humility for three months until the birth of John the Baptist. 

  35. The Third Joyful Mystery THE NATIVITY “Spiritual Fruit: Poverty of Spirit”

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  37. Inangmahal Inang mahal, Mariang Ina sa kandungan mo'y nahimlay Ang sanggol mong aming buhay. Pakinggan mo At ihatid aming mga panalangin Kay Hesus na kaligtasan namin.

  38. Pag-ibig mo, Inang kay tamis, Ipadama mo sa aming tumatangis. Turuan mo kaming magmahal Kay Hesus, aming Tagapagligtas. Inang mahal, Huwaran ka ng pagsisilbi sa Diyos Sa pag-akap mo kay Hesus.

  39. Pakinggan mo, Ang panalangin naming matularan ka Sa tindi ng pag-ibig mo sa Kanya.

  40. Joseph and Mary go to Bethlehem to comply with the decree of Caesar Augustus.

  41. The hour for Mary to give birth is near, but there is no room in the inn.

  42. In the stillness of the night, the Savior is born in a cave, Mary remaining a Virgin.

  43. She wraps Him in swaddling clothes and lays Him in a manger.

  44. In unspeakable joy Mary gathers to her bosom the Flower of her virginity.

  45. Jesus enters the world in poverty to teach the lesson of detachment from earthly things.

  46. The angel announces to the shepherds: "Today there is born to you in the town of David a Savior, Who is Christ the Lord."

  47. The angelic chorus sing: "Glory to God in the highest, and peace to His people on earth."