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BCC ESL Program US Culture Contest Part 2 PowerPoint Presentation
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BCC ESL Program US Culture Contest Part 2

BCC ESL Program US Culture Contest Part 2

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BCC ESL Program US Culture Contest Part 2

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  1. BCC ESL Program US Culture Contest Part 2

  2. In what month is the President inaugurated? • January

  3. Which state was sold by Russia to the United States? • Alaska

  4. Which amendment ended slavery? • 13th

  5. Which amendment made Black people citizens of the US? • 14th

  6. Which amendment gave Black people the right to vote? • 15th

  7. In what year did women get the right to vote? 1920

  8. Name the annual holiday that celebrates the workers of the United States on the first Monday in September. • Labor Day

  9. When did the US fight in the Vietnam War? • 1964-1973

  10. When did the US fight in the Korean War? • 1950-1953

  11. Name the “war” in which the US and the Soviet Union competed against each other in politics and economics. • The Cold War

  12. American citizens have to participate in trials. What do we call that responsibility? • Jury Duty

  13. On July 4, Americans celebrate independence from whom? • England

  14. Name the 49th and 50th states of the United States.

  15. What did the US government do to Japanese Americans during World War II? • Sent them to internment camps

  16. Name the current vice-president of the United States. • Joe Biden

  17. In which state is Graceland, the estate and the gravesite of Elvis Presley? • Tennessee

  18. What military base in Hawaii was attacked by Japan in 1941? • Pearl Harbor

  19. What continent did the “Indians,” the first inhabitants of North and South America, come from? • Asia

  20. Who was the American President during World War I? • Woodrow Wilson

  21. From what country did the United States buy the Louisiana Purchase, which doubled the size of the country in 1803? • France

  22. In what year did the New York Stock Market crash? • 1929

  23. What two skyscrapers in New York City were destroyed by terrorists on 9/11? • The Twin Towers/ World Trade Center

  24. In what year did the United States land the first men on the moon? • 1969

  25. What is the most famous opera company in the United States?

  26. What is the largest museum in the United States? • The Metropolitan Museum of Art

  27. “Bean Town” is the nickname for which American city? • Boston

  28. What is the nickname for New York City?

  29. “The Windy City” is the nickname for what American city? • Chicago

  30. “The Big Easy” is the nickname for what American city? • New Orleans

  31. What is the smallest state?

  32. Which state is famous for potatoes? Idaho

  33. In what state is the Great Salt Lake?

  34. What is the name of the famous mountain range in Colorado? • The Rocky Mountains

  35. What is the largest collection of museums in Washington, D.C.? • The Smithsonian

  36. When were the first public schools in the US established? • By the middle of the 19th century

  37. What melts in your mouth and not in your hand? • M & M candies

  38. What is the name for the system in which states choose the president based on their population? • the Electoral College

  39. What are red states and blue states? red = voted Republican blue = voted Democratic

  40. On what day of the week do Americans vote in elections?

  41. What is the name of San Francisco’s football team?

  42. Which baseball team won The World Series in 2012?

  43. In what year did the Supreme Court rule, in the case of Loving v. Virginia, that states could not ban interracial marriages? • 1967

  44. What is the name of the site where the World Trade Center once stood?   • Ground Zero

  45. What African-American woman helped change segregation laws by refusing to give her bus seat to a white person in Montgomery, Alabama in 1955? • Rosa Parks

  46. What are the most popular U.S. weekly news magazines?

  47. What are the 3 most popular U.S. daily newspapers? • The Wall Street Journal • USA Today • The New York Times

  48. What is the name of this line that separated northern states from southern states in the 1770s-1800s? • The Mason-Dixon Line

  49. What do we call the region in red? The West

  50. What do we call the region in green? The Northeast