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The purpose of a music video

By Jordan Weber. The purpose of a music video. What is a music video?. The highlighted videos are able to watch by clicking them.

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The purpose of a music video

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  1. By Jordan Weber The purpose of a music video

  2. What is a music video? The highlighted videos are able to watch by clicking them A music video is a series of film clips used together with music, to tell either a story or just clips of the band playing. Music videos can be very creative/artistic/abstract depending on the type of genre of song is played.Using different types of light, tone, effects and camera angles to express what the song is about. A great example of this is Johnny Cash’s Hurt.Using a lot of close ups to capture the emotion he’s going through at the timeand use of not much light – probably only using one light source for each scene.Also using a lot of flashbacks of his childhood/adulthood;that is a very emotional video that still holds up today. Another example for a music video is Just the band performing, such as when The Beatles performed on a roof top and sang to passing people. This only shows the band playing and doesn’t show any in-depth appeal such as Johnny’s Vid

  3. A music video is to promote the band that is playing and to show off their style/identity.Showing that they have their own style, and want to express it to the world or live audiences. Sometimes its not about the music but more about the person/peoples style. Take Kanye West for example, its not really about his music but more about his style (with his over expensive sun glasses and smart look) He shows his style and his fans/audience take that style and apply it to themselves. • This is your audience, the people who enjoy your music and the person/people that you are as a artist. Fans/audience come and go depending on what you do(if you completely change your style and genre of music, you might loose fansbut gain new ones). They are the ones that will buy your merchandise and musicand support you everywhere you go. To get fans it is important to make a musicvideo showing off their style/identity. This is how people nowadays find out artiststhough independent or high budget music videos. • Merchandise is only recommended to artists once they have reached a certain number of fans and popularity. If you are world known for your music and style; your distributers will give you the opportunity to sell merchandise: such has T-shirts, Hoodies, Badges, Cups, Hats, and even more so than that if you’re world famous. Merchandising products is risky, because its all about if they will sell or not to the fans and audience; often merchandising nowadays is limited to just t-shirts and hoodies to publishing them onto store shelves. What is a music video supposed to do?

  4. How can you PROMOTE YOUR music video? • There are many ways to promote a music video. Some will include: • Television (In some cases commercials advertisements and TV shows like Scrubs) • Night Shows (Showing or Performing live your band and your style) • 24 hour Music channels (MTV) (Publishing a music video onto it) • YouTube • Your Own Website (Your bands homepage) • The best way nowadays to promote your music video is by YouTube and try to get your video to go viral.This is known as Viral Marketing where people/fans spread your video to their friends and to their friend’s friends and so on. Take the music video “Here it goes again – OK GO!” You can’t remember the music or how it goes but you remember the music video Click here to watch the music video!

  5. How CAN YOU PROMOTE YOUR MUSIC VIDEO? P.2 • Other ways of Promoting your music video can be: • Marketing Tool: where you are given tons of money to make a music video by E.M.I or Sony, These involve using lots of visual imagery and doesn’t have to be so story driven. This is only done by world wide famous artists such as Michael Jackson and the recently titled “pop king” (or my words the Joker of Pop) Justin Bieber. • Self-Promotion: This is where you create everything yourself with your direction.Normally this is a very independent and doesn’t consists of anybody but you and your friends. Take for example “Lazy Day – Bruno Mars” All shot with a HD webcam and just him as his friends syncing their bodies to the musical beat. Click here to watch the music video!

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