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  2. DEFINITION A filmed or videotaped rendition of a recorded song, often portraying musicians performing the song or including visual images interpreting the lyrics. There are different types of music videos that are all used for different reasons. There is interpretative which is where the video doesn’t follow the lyrics. Animated, where they have used animation for the video. Narrative where they have made a video that follows the lyrics and live in concert which is just a video that include the artist performing.

  3. PROMOTION This also helps to promote the band and make then well known. By producing a good music video people will remember you for it and then it is an easy way to become famous quick. By promoting on a social network such as Facebook you music video can quite easily become viral. Viral means that you put the video on your blog for all of you friends to see, someone likes it and decides to put it on their wall and this cycle happens repetitively and the music video spreads like a ‘virus’.

  4. PRACTICALITY This is also very practical for the artist/band because this allows them to be able to be seen and heard and they would have to be there. This is also very practical for getting yourself well known because the fact that you don’t have to be there when you are being heard means that you can be heard and seen more frequently.

  5. EXTENSION OF OUTLETS TO EXISTING ARTISTS Music videos extend the outlet of the music by allowing them to be heard through different ways. The three main ways are social networking, websites and music TV. Through social networking like facebook people discover the music like it and then put it on their wall for all of their friends to see. Music videos are also frequently heard on youtube where the music video can be accessed very easily.

  6. IDENTITY Music videos also allow the band to reveal what they look like and what they do so their fan base can follow them and what they do. This builds up their personal identity as a music producer. A lot of big music labels want the artist in the video so that they can reveal their image. A lot of the time the artist will either be playing or miming.

  7. TARGET AUDIENCE Videos also help to aim the song at a certain generation. Target audience also links with their identity because they build up their target audience from their identity or sometime they form their identity for their audience.

  8. MARKETING Getting a big label deal gives you a big marketing opportunity as they help to promote you and gives you tips to help with you career. They also help fund your music video. Whereas independent labels have less funds and it harder to make a breakthrough. Unsigned band can make their own music video and choose their own path to take. However once again they would be working on a low budget.

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