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My Favorite Holiday Tradition PowerPoint Presentation
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My Favorite Holiday Tradition

My Favorite Holiday Tradition

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My Favorite Holiday Tradition

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  1. My Favorite Holiday Tradition By: Audrey Sheedy

  2. My Favorite Holiday Tradition For me my favorite holiday tradition would be on Christmas. On Christmas my family goes to my Nunnie and Grandpa’s, house on Christmas Eve, we eat dinner and sleep over at their house. When we wake up we go downstairs grab are stockings and run back upstairs to open up are present inside are stockings. After that we all get up, go downstairs and my Nunnie makes her pancakes that she all ways makes, when me and my sister sleep over, and my Grandfather makes sausages to eat with the pancakes. Once we are done eating breakfast we clean up then we go out into the living room and we start to open up are present’s. We wait until the after noon to leave. After that we drive over to my Nanna and Poppa’s house and eat Christmas dinner there with the rest of my family, that’s on my mom’s side of our family. Once we are all done eating dinner we clean up and then we take out the pie. We all ways eat pie when we open up are present’s. after that it is usually really late so we go home and got to sleep. The next morning we have Christmas at are own house and we open up present’s and have a great time.

  3. Why This is Special to me This holiday tradition is special to me because, I usually get to see all of my family that lives in California and in Florida. Also I love seeing all of my family having a great time with each other, I also love to see all of the exciting faces that are on every on when they open there presents. Mostly I love how there is always so much joy every were around Christmas time.

  4. When did this tradition start For me this tradition started on my first Christmas but for my family this tradition started when my mom and dad got married to each other. There are probably a lot of other people out there who do the same thing that we do but for them they might have started this tradition longer ago that us.