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  1. Posters 海报

  2. Do these people(人们) have good habits? 习惯

  3. go to bed too late eat too much before bedtime watch too much TV too much: 太多 + 不可数名词

  4. bedtime before bedtime after bedtime 在…之前

  5. Good habits Posters

  6. Learning tip: 做听力之前先熟悉问题,听的过程中带着问题有针对性的听。 Listen and circle 1.We need to sleep very well, so do not eat_____. A.before bedtime bedtime C.after bedtime 2.Do not drink ______at night. A.a little water B.too much water C.too much milk 3.Go to bed______and get up______. A.late B.quietly C.early learn 早的

  7. Let's read Sleep well We need to sleep well every day. Do not eat before bedtime. Do not drink too much water at night. Go to bed early and get up early.

  8. 小提示: Learning tip: in the sun 在太阳底下 根据所给图和句子将短文补充完整。 连续玩电脑半个小时,需要休息一下哦! Look and say carefully 保护 hour 小时 同音词:our eye on bed in watch play computer

  9. Learning tip: 默读短文,给这张海报加上标题。划出不认识的单词,试着根据上下文猜测其意思。 Read and write In class and class after

  10. In class You should listen to the teachers in class. Sometimes you need to take notes. 记笔记

  11. After class Do your homework carefully and finish it on time. 按时 结束,完成 Never leave today’s work for tomorrow. 从不 留下 今日事明日做。 今日事今日毕。

  12. Retell How to keep good study habits In class We should listen to… Sometimes we need to… After class We should do our homework… and finish it… Never leave today’s…

  13. If you have good habits, you’ll be healthy and you can study well. 有好习惯就有好身体,有好习惯才能学习好。 Come on, everyone! 加油!

  14. Poster Designer wanted (海报设计师招聘)

  15. pictures图片 designer 设计者 title标题 sentences 句子 Eat well Ms. Mao • You should have breakfast,lunch and supper on time. • You shouldn’t eat too much KFC. • You should drink much milk and eat much fruit.They’re good for you.

  16. 设计要求: 四人一组,以‘Take care of your teeth’为主题,选择需要的图片,也可以自己绘制图片,完成海报的设计。

  17. Homework 1.Try to retell the three posters. 2.Finish your poster about how to take care of your teeth.

  18. Take care of your teeth • You need to …two times every day. • Do not eat too many… • They’re…for your teeth.