use my floppy disk n.
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Use my floppy disk. PowerPoint Presentation
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Use my floppy disk.

Use my floppy disk.

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Use my floppy disk.

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  1. Use my floppy disk. • 1. copy short cut to desktop. • NoAdHOSTS.exe • 3. Surf without ad’s. • reverse everything -edit out all url s you want to return to normal ad’s viewing. • 5.delete shortcut to hosts • local host [is required do not delete it]---------------------------------.

  2. Summary of hosts • Note: The installer does not back up your old hosts file. • Remember to delete your browser's cache (Tools>Internet Options>Delete Files) to get rid of the ads you've already downloaded.

  3. Why are you doing this? Is this legal or ethical? • I quickly got sick of all the flashing banners and other junk advertisers like to send my way. Many of the ad affiliates use web cookies to track users across websites. This is your computer, you have every right to render the web how you like it. There is no legal obligation to view anyone's ads. Hopefully, mass ad blocking will force marketers to find smarter and less intrusive ways to advertise, like with text ads. • Also, I have a hard time reading content with flashing banners and such distracting me. I mainly do this for usability reasons, it is not an anti-commercial project.

  4. Does this fight spyware/malware? Indirectly, yes, by blocking spyware sites. I *highly* recommend running Ad Aware at least once a month to fight spyware. I also recommend Disabling Signed ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer or switching to Mozilla. Here's how to block ActiveX go to Tools>Internet options>Security>Custom Level • Download signed ActiveX controls: Disable

  5. windows will only recognize the hosts file if it has no extension. Most browsers, unless otherwise specified will attach an .txt extension to the hosts file. For those having problems do not use the .sam extension on the file. SAM means sample, its not a system file at all. • Will this cause problems with websites? Usually not. I try to err on the side of caution and don't block any ad servers that might cause any problems with web functionality.

  6. This isn't working. How can I troubleshoot my hosts file? • There are a few things that can go wrong. You didn't remove the .txt extension, put the file in the wrong place, or didn't reboot your system. Some computers need a reboot. Some 2000/XP computers need their DNS client service shut down and set to Manual. • When in doubt, just use the installer. When really in doubt you can uninstall "NoAdHosts" from Add/Remove programs in Control Panel. • You also may need to restart your browser or reboot your computer after making host changes. You will also have to clear your browser's cache to delete the ads you've already downloaded. The cache in Internet Explorer is under Tools>Internet Options>Delete Files. Click the "delete all offline content" button too.

  7. Does this block pop-ups? • No, only in-line ads. It does block ads inside pop-ups. You'll need to enable pop-up blocking in your browser (Mozilla and Opera do this) or use a pop-up blocker. Google's toolbar blocks pop-ups for Internet Explorer users. You can download it. Make sure to pick the one without the "advanced features," as advanced features means spyware. [Service Pack 2 for Windows XP] has a built in pop-up blocker for Internet Explorer

  8. To appease opera [complains there is no proxy at that address.] • Run a small single purpose web server that responds with a transparent bitmap. • Blackhole Proxy • • Bitmap @ •

  9. Once you have Blackhole loaded ,configure your browser. • for Internet explorer---- • Tools-internet options connections settings • Check Use automatic configuration script • File://c:/PacFiles/ad-block.pac • Fill in address and port 3421 • Under security select local internet • Uncheck box “include all sites that bypass the proxy” • Turn off auto caching- •

  10. Fix SP2 Upgrade Woes • Can’t use Microsoft automatic update site • The ms fire wall won’t let some applications run • Your anti virus don’t appear to work after you install SP2.

  11. Microsoft http error 500 • http error 500 -internal server error, error 0x8ddd0010 • As always with the web, the page does not offer help ,or how to fix it. • “Windows xp hacks page 491”

  12. Ie pop up blocker \SP2 • You need to tell ie to allow a particular site. • Ie-tools\popup blocker\pop up blocker settings • Type in [to fix microsoft problem] • Click add.

  13. Lets see how the computer really looks.---- almost done! • Floppy • Normal stuff • demo

  14. Thank you for your interest Most of this text comes from web pages on the reference web sites And is modified for this presentation. Many of the pages use identical wording.