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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson

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  1. 1958-2009 King of Pop Michael Jackson Done By: Bruna Pereira

  2. Introduction • August 29th 1958 Michael Jackson was born in Gary Indiana. • June 25th 2009 Michael Jackson died and was buried in Los Angeles. • Had 3 children, Paris, Michael Junior l, and Michael Junior ıı • Michael had been popular world round, became one of the most popular people in the world • Started singing at age 2, started band with brothers- Jackson 5

  3. Social Contribution • Michael Jackson became famous very quickly because of his hard work at his young age. He started singing and dancing at just age 2. When his dad made him and his brothers make a band “Jackson 5”. He had to rehearsal daily, and he started touring at just age 9. He started off small, at his hometown Motown . He got many record deals with his bands, and before he knew it the whole U.S. was buying his albums and songs. His song “I’ll be there” was a hit, and so was many others. When he started to go off by himself when he got older. He changed the music industry because he never was in it for the money, only his father was. Michael always kept his word, and brought music to a whole new level. He raised the bar, then he broke it. All the other singers of pop, rock, medal, go all in one section. But Michael, Michael made his music so truthful and meaningful, he had his own part. No one, can be a Michael Jackson. Someone can sing just like him and moonwalk, and dance just as great as he did, but HE invented it all, and this is how he changed todays society of music. People believe that without him, music such as Taylor Swift, The Beatles, Green day, would never be without Michael’s music and inspiration.

  4. Childhood Michael’s childhood wasn’t like any child would have. Michael regretted his childhood for many reasons, and in some ways, he had the time of his life. Michael was in the Jackson 5 when he growing up. Michael would have a voice of an angel people would say, he played some instrument and wrote songs with his brother. Michael disliked his childhood because he would say never had one. He said his dad w0uld abuse him, and hit his brothers and him every time they did something wrong in the band, if they messed up they would get hit. Michael was always filled with hatred from his father, and still from this day Michaels dad never used Michael for good, only for his money he had made. But Michael had lived his dream, performing amazingly, and became the most popular guy on earth. He was and still IS the king of pop. All of his hard work payed off, and of course as he would always say, god helped him through.

  5. Adolescence • When Michael was only 12 years old, he started writing his own songs and made the lyrics the biggest hit in the world. When Michael was in his teenage years, this was when Michael became popular world round. He started making his own career, and made several world tours. The Jackson 5 had split up but not forever. They still made up songs together at family reunions. Michaels songs such as “Thriller” still are used today and still are a major hit.

  6. Adulthood • This is when michaels music really took off. He made even more music videos, more hit songs, and more albums. He started taking pills, and his private life took over. Many people stopped buying his songs because he dangled a baby off his porch and had to go trial for child molestation 2 times. But his songs, and concerts continued to be a hit. With millions of more fans each year.

  7. Quotes from the King of Pop • “When I see children I not only just see them, but I can see God’s faces” – Feb. 03. 2006, Michael Jackson • “Lies run spirits, but the truth runs marathons, the truth will win this marathon in court” – Michael Jackson • “The meaning of life is contained in every single expression of life. It is present in the infinity of forms and phenomena that exist in all of creation”

  8. President of 1953-1961 • Dwight D. Eisenhower • 34th President Michael Jackson was born while Eisenhower was still in office. He stayed in for 2 terms and Dwight

  9. Interview • What was it like being so talented and so popular at such a young age? • Did you have an inspiration for the music you made? • If you could’ve changed anything in your childhood, what would it be?

  10. Why is no one considered the king of pop but Michael? • In many teen magazines these days they describe celebrities the “next king of pop”. Such as Justin Bieber, and more. But really, Michael has created a new level of music, and he invented it all, that NO ONE , not even teen idol Justin Bieber, will come to his level. Michael is an amazing pop writer that will live on forever. His music will never be forgotten. And besides, Justin Biebers music isn’t even close to Michael’s inspiration.

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