weapons r us n.
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Weapons r’ us PowerPoint Presentation
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Weapons r’ us

Weapons r’ us

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Weapons r’ us

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  1. Weapons r’ us

    Jose Montes
  2. Purpose of your company My business is a manufacture of high tech weapons. We research modern weapons and modify them to be better. We build guns efficiently and quickly. My company also builds military gear to The US government and NATOs. The mission of Weapons R’ us is to create high tech weapons and gear that can help protect our soldiers from terrorism. People may say that weapons don’t end conflicts? But My company will build weapons and gear to governments to protect the citizens. We build weapons to help stop wars.
  3. Explain the benefits of your business My weapons will up to date with an all purpose weapon and bullet resistance gear. Safety will be also be install with finger print ID on the weapons. My products will help save the lives of many military personals with the high tech gear and weapons. My weapons will be sold to the NATOs countries that are intended to protect people from terrorism.
  4. Appeal to investor Investors should invest in my company because with your investment we could help save the lives of many American soldiers. We also be well armed against terrorism. My company will make the world a safer and better place for all of us to live. Also, many governments will pay top dollar for the best weapons.
  5. Supply schedule
  6. Supply Curve
  7. My supply schedule and curve show that as I increase the price on gun, the supply of quantity of the product also increases. The reason of the increase on prices is of more burglary happening in America. Citizens are buying self defense hand guns to protect themselves. So my prices have increase and my supply quantity has increase.