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  1. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION Being in the right place is key to any business venture success!

  2. Learning Targets • I can evaluate and select a location for my VBS football franchise. • I can utilize market research and observation to make informed decisions.

  3. VBS – Lesson Key Terms • Franchise • Fan Loyalty • Seating Capacity • Infrastructure

  4. Franchise • Permission (contract) to a group or single entity to sell company’s good or services within a certain region at a specific price with specific rules. Who franchises in professional sports…. Note – in the VBS you will own and operate a franchise within the PFL.

  5. Fan Loyalty What drives fan loyalty? • Location (where you were born/live) • Tradition (root for the same team as your parents, big brother/sister) • Winning Note – the sport or teams loyalty plays a key factor regarding the price fans are willing to pay for a ticket and how many games they will attend.

  6. There are two major factors in the decision process: Demographics 2. Infrastructure

  7. Demographics Total population of the city Number of people enthusiastic about the sport Population’s ability to afford tickets

  8. How do we get our info/data???? Census Bureau Survey’s Data Mining

  9. Infrastructure Available venue (stadium, arena, field) Seating/Viewing capacity Parking capacity Possible incentives offered by the local government (tax breaks)

  10. How can your city’s demographics and/or infrastructure change? Loss of jobs (factories or business close or move out of town) Losing becomes a trend….fans no longer interested. Venue needs too many updates. Local government changes…thus, policy changes.

  11. Can franchises be moved? Yes – difficult task that will require rebuilding of; Awareness / Interest Loyalty Facilities Staff

  12. L.A. Rams St. Louis Cardinals New Orleans Jazz Baltimore Colts Houston Oilers Brooklyn Dodgers Milwaukee Braves Minnesota Lakers Charlotte Hornets Montreal Expos Oakland Raiders Seattle Supersonics New Jersey Nets St. Louis Rams Arizona Cardinals Utah Jazz Indianapolis Colts Tennessee Titans L.A. Dodgers Atlanta Braves L.A. Lakers New Orleans Hornets Washington Nationals LA Raiders OKC Thunder Brooklyn Nets Where has this happened before? Original City New City Cleveland Browns Baltimore Ravens