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Location, Location, Location PowerPoint Presentation
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Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location

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Location, Location, Location

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  1. Location,Location,Location

    CCC Summit 2013 Robert Hrabak Certification Workgroup Chair, CCC
  2. What makes real estate valuable? Home Size: 345 sq. m Price: € 4,700,000 Location: Paris Home Size: 397 sq. m Price: $250,000 Location: Paris Paris, Kentucky, USA Paris, France
  3. What makes real estate valuable to business?
  4. Branding Through Real Estate
  5. Branding and Service Association
  6. Infotainment is real estate in vehicles MirrorLink is the premier way to leverage the commercial real estate in vehicles for apps
  7. The Drive… … is often a means to an end. Commuting Travelling Transporting Chauffeuring Escaping Racing
  8. The First Infotainment App
  9. The First Infotainment App
  10. The First Infotainment App: Content News Music Sports Talk Information Commercials
  11. Radio Commercials: Billboards for your Ears
  12. Limitations on Marketing to Vehicle Drivers Time Billboards must communicate in seconds to convey all pertinent information Radio commercials are limited to key time intervals Timing Billboards only impact along certain driving paths of target market Radio commercials must be played during a time window where target market is availabile Time and timing add to the complexity of marketing to a driver in traditional means
  13. The Price of Doing Business Certifying Applications for MirrorLink Use
  14. Development Effort Adapting to Automotive Constructing a vehicle-focused UI Managing application complexity and reliability Leveraging the vehicle-centric Completing Certification Validating infotainment scalability Demonstrate limited workload on a driver Managing the Driver’s Experience Maintaining a manageable driver experience as application changes
  15. Scalability and Usability Same app experience from vehicle to vehicle Provdes an application branded experience in-vehicle Ensures uniform marketing strategy across vehicle and device brand Allows unique app experience for the car Focuses on driver services that support the driver
  16. Managing Driver Workload and Distraction Use high contrast colors Make controls simple/clear Reduce unnecessary detail Let the driver focus on driving
  17. Re-Focusing the Complexity Real Estate markets have tremendous complexity and subtlety MirrorLink has one set of rules Expand your brand through MirrorLink, and offer services not seen before.
  18. The dashboard is open for business