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North Carolina

North Carolina

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North Carolina

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  1. North Carolina Erika Roberts

  2. The Tar Heel State Flag

  3. History and Economy • Tar heel has many minerals and resources that can benefit the United States’ economy. • Emeralds and Coal are found in many parts of this state • Agriculture is a good industry here because of the many different types of soil • The main crops are tobacco, corn, sweet potatoes, and even cucumbers and Christmas trees! • North Carolina is a big part of the history of the United States • It served as a base for the Union in the Civil War • It was the most important state in the Southern Union • Presidents Andrew Johnson, James K. Polk, and Andrew Jackson were originally born in North Carolina

  4. State map and sites State Capitol is Raleigh State Senator is Mike Easley Cost of a normal home is around $69,000 The population is about 8,409,313 people Normal income of a married couple is around $250,000 a year

  5. North Carolina State Animal North American Gray Squirrel

  6. North Carolina animal preservation • North Carolina is a big part of saving wild animals • Many animal activist groups have set up in Tar Heel to save the wildlife that live in the forests • Because of the unique soil system, a lot of vegetation that can’t be found in most parts of the United States is located here • A lot of animals need the stuff that grows in North Carolina for food

  7. State Song Carolina! Carolina! heaven's blessings attend her, While we live we will cherish, protect and defend her, Tho' the scorner may sneer at and witlings defame her, Still our hearts swell with gladness whenever we name her. Hurrah! Hurrah! the Old North State forever, Hurrah! Hurrah! the good Old North State. Tho' she envies not others, their merited glory, Say whose name stands the foremost, in liberty's story, Tho' too true to herself e'er to crouch to oppression, Who can yield to just rule a more loyal submission. Hurrah! Hurrah! the Old North State forever, Hurrah! Hurrah! the good Old North State. Then let all those who love us, love the land that we live in, As happy a region as on this side of heaven, Where plenty and peace, love and joy smile before us, Raise aloud, raise together the heart thrilling chorus. Hurrah! Hurrah! the Old North State forever, Hurrah! Hurrah! the good Old North State.

  8. North Carolina Military Camps North Carolina has many military camps found all around the state, even dating back to as early as the 1800’s