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Rome Rulers

Rome Rulers

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Rome Rulers

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  1. Rome Rulers Rulers of the World: The Good and the VERY BAD

  2. The Good • Julius Caesar - Set the standard for which all other rulers will be judged • All others take the title of Caesar as an embodiment of total power • Tried to eliminate dishonest practices in the government • Corrected the Roman calendar • Diluted the power of the corrupt Senate • Impressive military general - greatly expanded Roman Territory

  3. Good Rulers Cont. • Augustus - Reformed Rome’s Army - paid them out of the Imperial treasury and making the Legion’s swear alliance to him • Reformed the Roman economy, ordered a census, and set up a postal service

  4. Good Emperors Cont. • Hadrian put his armies to work building roads and walls that marked the boundaries of the empire • Worked very hard to improve the life of the average Roman • Created the Wall of Hadrian which marked the Northern border in England • Designed to keep barbarians out - designed like the Great Wall of China - Used for over 300 years

  5. Good Rulers Cont. • Marcus Aurelius - Very close to Plato’s idea of a philosopher king - dedicated himself to the idea of improving Rome • Expanded the boundaries of the empire

  6. The Very Bad • Commodus - Bread and circuses • He neglected his office by spending most of his time at games and shows. • He even fought in the arena • Murdered in his sleep

  7. The Very Bad • Nero - Selfish Ruler • Wanted to rebuild his palace - he is told that there is no money in the treasury to do so • Not long after there was a fire which burnt most of the city of Rome to the ground • There is some evidence which points to Nero as the man behind the fire, legend says that Nero played the violin while the city burned • Whether Nero started the fire or not he got to rebuild his palace and blamed a weird new religious cult for starting the fire, the Christians • This began several hundred years of religious persecution against Christians in Rome • Christians were crucified, forced to fight, and feed to beasts in the arena by the hundreds

  8. The Very Bad Cont. • Caligula is the most famous bad ruler of them all • Caligula started out as a good ruler but after suffering from a fever that almost killed him, Caligula recovered physically but was most probably criminally insane • Caligula delighted in dinner parties during which people were tortured to death for entertainment • Caligula forced the Senate to place their wives in a public brothel or be horribly murdered • Caligula even made his horse a Senator and forced the Senate to address his horse as such