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Time . Tendency . Future PowerPoint Presentation
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Time . Tendency . Future

Time . Tendency . Future

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Time . Tendency . Future

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  1. Time. Tendency. Future ——Creation of the high-level industrial park is the impetus for the development of enterprises

  2. Time. Tendency. Future • The main activity of China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd. (CAMCE) includes general contracting of international projects, domestic and foreign investment, and trade. Over the past years, due to the wide experience in international construction and general contracting services, company's brand influence, government support and regular funding, at the same time relying on the professional competence of the company’s management and team, CAMCE has implemented several dozen of international projects, imported and exported complete sets of equipment, invested several projects, thereby having obtained wide recognition and approval of customers around the world. Industrial Park

  3. Time. Tendency. Future The company's projects: • Industry: cement plants, float glass plants, glass bottles manufacturing plants, machine-tool factories, textile mills, concentrating mills • Electrical power engineering: power stations, stations for energy transmission and conversion • Transportation: airports, railways , ports , bridges, roads • Chemical industry: pulp and paper plants, tyre works, fuel plants • Water management : water treatment plants, pumping stations • Agriculture: processing plants, sugar mills, distilleries, flour mills The projects are implemented in such countries and regions as: • Regions of Russian-speaking countries and Central Asian countries: Belarus, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia • South America: Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador • Africa: Angola, Mozambique, Kenya, Chad, Nigeria • Southeast Asia: Myanmar, Laos, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India Industrial Park

  4. Time. Tendency. Future • Modern industrial enterprises tend to cluster development method, the formation of industrial chain of enterprises fosters the links of all levels of production, improves the efficiency of enterprises. As a result we are looking for such type of industrial model with the future possibility to classify industrial enterprises, select and combine them, thereby concentrating the benefits of different types of enterprises. In daily intense competition of the industrial cycle a powerful stimulating impetus is required to ensure the survival, development and recovery of an industrial enterprise - this is the main function of the China-Belarus industrial park. Industrial Park

  5. Time. Tendency. Future Based on our long experience in the field of industrial production and investment with the help of China-Belarus industrial park project we have decided to set up a good manufacturing platform in Belarus for companies in the world, as well as fundamentally solve problems of technological process of these companies, marketing options, administration guarantees and so on., to ensure favorable conditions for enterprises. During the research of the China-Belarus industrial park project and relationships between industry enterprises, we have found that the construction and development of the project must provide to the park residents five main conditions as impetus for enterprise development, that are - management structure, scientific planning, preferential policy of the park, sufficient human resources and broad market prospects. This is the basis of development projects such as the project of the China -Belarus industrial park. These five main conditions are complementary and inseparable.

  6. Time. Tendency. Future Exemption from some taxes Consistency of development Sustainable development Simplified procedure Opportunities for expansion Progressive, innovative technology and manufacturing equipment Success Industrial Park

  7. China-Belarus intergovernmental coordination committee between two countries Joint company Time. Tendency. Future Park administration (management body) We work on the development and construction of the China-Belarus industrial park according to the following factors: 1. Improved management structure Establishment of the intergovernmental cooperation committee, unified planning of the China-Belarus industrial park activities Formed from relevant authorities of Belarus and Minsk government, responsible for park policy, business services and administrative procedures organized on the principle of "one stop“ service Formed on the basis of bilateral China-Belarus joint funding, responsible for the development and management of park territory, infrastructure construction, property management, search for investors, consulting services, etc. Industrial Park

  8. Time. Tendency. Future China-Belarus industrial park project The total area is 91.5 square kilometers.The park master plan was implemented according to the principle of a scheduling planning and in June 2013 passed the state examination. The geographical location of the park has a number of advantages, such as favorable transport conditions; proximity to National airport; The roads M1, M2 and projected streets № 3, 4 are passing through the park to ensure good logistics conditions to park residents. 2.Scientific planning Str.3# M2 National airport Str.4# M1 Industrial Park

  9. Time. Tendency. Future 2. Scientific planning The location of the park, development direction, spatial distribution and ecological state were clearly planed in the master plan. The concept of the park planning is "one zone, two axes, and three cores". This concept helps to create an international city that meets the principles of ecology, habitability, promote economic development, energy and innovation activities. Industrial Park

  10. Time. Tendency. Future 2. Scientific planning The area of ​​the first phase of development is 8.5 square kilometers; the site is located in the center of the area and located near the airport. On March 31, 2014 the government of Smolevichy approved the master plan of China-Belarus industrial park. A—— Industrial zones: The area is 182 hectares, which is sufficient for the manufacturing activities of the park interposes. C A B B —— Warehousing and logistics zones: The area is 86 hectares to provide warehousing and logistics services to the park residents. C —— Residential and public area The area is 140 hectares for the construction of housing and commerce and services objects. Industrial Park

  11. Time. Tendency. Future 3. Preferential policy of the park In June 2012 the President of the Republic of Belarus A.G. Lukashenko signed a decree according to which park resident enterprises have the benefits of tax deductions, duties, fees, etc., thereby ensuring costs reduction for park resident enterprises. • Exemption from income tax, property tax and land tax for 10 years , as well as reduction in payments on these taxes by half in the next 10 years ; • Exemption from import taxes and VAT for the purchase of equipment and materials abroad; • Purchase or lease of land. Rental period can reach 99 years; • In case of new customs duties and charges, park residents will be exempt from taxes. Industrial Park

  12. Time. Tendency. Future Industrial Park

  13. Time. Tendency. Future 4. Sufficient number of human resources • 1. Free use of the manpower; foreign workers are exempt from compulsory insurance and state taxes; • 2. Income tax rate is 9% that is ¾ from 12 % of the state rate; • 3. Social security expenditures are paid on favorable terms; • 4. Annual number of graduates of Minsk universities is 23,000 students, thus the park provides a margin of highly skilled workers; • 5. Excellent housing conditions will be created inside the park, and in general good living conditions are ensured. Human resources are the most important factor in a long-term development of enterprises; industrial park provides its residents favorable conditions for their workers. Industrial Park

  14. Time. Tendency. Future 5. Favorable market prospects The geographical position of Belarus is very good with a wide market coverage area, affecting a large mass of consumers. Geographical influence • Belarus is a major transportation corridor between Europe and the CIS countries • Belarus is close to Russia and focused on the European Union Political influence: • Included in the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, carries economic integration • The Eurasian Economic Union will include more than 10 countries of Europe and Asia in the future Industrial Park

  15. Time. Tendency. Future In China there is a saying: everything is ready, all we need is an east wind. We believe that in addition to the above-mentioned five main factors the industrial park needs one more important factor - the viability of enterprises production technology. We hope that park resident enterprises will bring to the park social production with innovative power technologies. In such conditions we will be able to integrate sources of funds, build an industrial park of high world-class, create perfect platform for enterprises in order to create a mutually beneficial environment and administration of guarantees. Industrial Park

  16. Time. Tendency. Future On June 19 a groundbreaking ceremony will be held and the construction will be officially opened. With great pleasure we invite managers and distinguished guests to attend the ceremony in order to boost the status of our event. At the same time, you will be able more deeply acquainted with the implementation process of the project of the Belarusian-Chinese industrial park. China Belarus Industrial Park

  17. Time. Tendency. Future Welcome to China-Belarus industrial park! Thank you for your attention!