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Hunger Games PowerPoint Presentation
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Hunger Games

Hunger Games

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Hunger Games

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  1. Hunger Games

  2. Production

  3. Which film studio produced the film? • Who directed it? • Which actors starred in the film? • Were any ‘Big name’ actors and/or production personnel associated with the film? • How much did it cost to produce? • Was production financed by a single source – e.g. a major Hollywood studio or by multiple providers within the industry? • The company that produced this film are called Lionsgate and Color Force. • The director of this movie is Gary ross and he has written loads of scripts for TV programs like "Deadly Nightmares" in 1983, Howeverhe has not directed many films. The only film apart from “the hunger games” he has directed was his debut film “Seabiscuit” in 2003. even though he directed “the hunger games” he adapted the movie from the novelist Suzanne Collins who wrote the original book series. She was a co-writer and co-producer for the actual movie. • Well Jennifer Lawrence plays one of the main characters KatnissEverdeen who is the female tribute for district 12 after she volunteers to take her sister’s place (Primrose Everdeen) played by Willow Shields. Josh Hutcherson plays another main character called PeetaMellark who is the male tribute for district 12. • The ‘Big names’ that were in “The hunger games” are Donald Sutherland who played President Snow, Woody Harrelson who played Haymitch Abernathy and Lenny Kravitz who played Cinna. • “The hunger games” had a estimated budget of $78,000,000 to make the movie. • I tried researching this but I could not find much information apart from Lionsgate were the main financial providers.

  4. Distribution

  5. When was the theatrical release date of the film in the UK? • Was it on general release throughout the country – shown across the major multiplex chains – or given a limited release, e.g. in smaller, independent ‘Arts cinemas’ such as the watershed? • What was the BBFC certification of the film? • How did the certification affect its release and exhibiting in cinemas? • The realise of the movie in the UK was on March 23rd 2012 and the movie was release in the UK on September 3, 2012. • The movie was shown in huge multiplex chains like VUE or IMAX cinemas worldwide. The movie was so popular in America due to "overwhelming demand", “The Hunger Games” returned to North American IMAX cinemas on April 20, 2012 for a further one-week viewing till the 27th. • The UK version of “The hunger games” is Rated PG-12A because of the intense violence and disturbing images - all involving teens. • The movies BFFC certificate was dangerously close to a 15A certificate which worried the producers, In comparison 14 alterations can be found between the PG version and the 15A version. This information was found on:

  6. Marketing

  7. How was the film marketed to the public? • How was it ‘packaged’ for public consumption e.g. as a family film, a blockbuster, a indie movie, etc.? • How were different media ‘platforms’ e.g. the internet, TV, advertising etc. – used to promote this film? • What other strategies were used to market the film and raise its profile for audiences? • Were different marketing approaches used to order to access different audiences e.g. tied in products such as computer games or toys sold prior to/alongside the films theatrical release? • How much marketing was the film given before, during and after it’s UK release? • It originally came out as one book in a trilogy by American writer Suzanne Collins. This means that their was already a current fan base before the movie came out. • It was packaged as a older family film with children over 12, they even cut out 7 seconds of content to make it suitable for 12 year olds due to the BBFC certificate boundaries. • In America they had magazine interviews, poster signings at shopping malls with the cast all round the U.S.A and they did promotional tours with personal appearances from the cast themselves. • In the UK they had competitions to go to the premiere of the film in L.A. and also giving away gadgets from tablet to a HD T.V. from many media companies like yahoo, Channel 4 and HEAT! Magazine. • Much merchandise has been release along side the film some examples of items are board games, a replica Katniss bow and arrow, official t-shirts and the mocking jay brooch and more. • Before the release of the movie they used modern and traditional method. The modern method they used was using social networking websites like facebook, twitter, youtube and tumblr and Lionsgate targeted hunger games fan blog. Traditional methods used included front covers of magazines and advertising.

  8. Audience & Critical Reception

  9. How was the ‘received’ by audiences in the UK? • Was there much ‘word of mouth’ promotion or ‘internet chatter’ about the film before and after its release? • Was the film successful at the UK box-office in its opening weekend? • How much money did it make? • How long was it on release? • How was the film presented in official reviews, e.g. in film magazines such as ‘Empire’ or ‘Total film’, in the mainstream national press. On entertainment-based TV programmes, in internet reviews, etc.? • It was one of the biggest opening weekend ever for a film that wasn't a sequel, prequel or remake. It was also the third largest opening weekend ever making £97m, trailing only behind 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2making £106.6m and 'The Dark Knight‘ making £99.8m. • Their has been lots of facebook pages before and after the release of the film for fan to comment and post fan mail and art. Their has also been ‘Internet chatter’ on website like twitter on their official page. • It was very successful and In total earnings after North America; the UK, Ireland and Malta were the second highest location to gain money with estimate $36.5 million dollars made. • “The Hunger” Games earned $408,010,692 in North America, and $278,522,598 in other countries, for a worldwide total of $686,533,290. • It remained in first place at the North American box office for four consecutive weekends, becoming the first film since “Avatar” to achieve this. It was on release for 3 week but in some locations due to “popular demand” they extended the viewing by 1 week. • On ‘Empire’ this movie was presented like this:Verdict ★★★★✰“As thrilling and smart as it is terrifying. There have been a number of big-gun literary series brought to screen over the past decade. This slays them all. “

  10. My Own Awareness

  11. I wasn’t really aware of this film to start with until loads of people saw “the hunger games” and were recommending other friends to see this movie because the individual though that it was “Awesome” or “Amazing”. • I was aware of the movie after it’s release when people were recommending and suggesting to me to see this movie for myself so I could see what I though of “ the hunger games”. • I became aware when people were talking about it in school and outside of school saying their own opinion of the movie. • Yes I have watched the film, I watched “the hunger games” about 3 weeks ago at home on my TV (On the “On demand” section on our TV). I watched the movie with my family and I watched it twice because I really enjoyed the storyline and the genre of movie. • After watching this movie I have actually bought a DVD set with 3CD’s of the movie “the hunger games” so now I can watch the DVD set in my own spare time when I'm relaxing or I could now show it to visiting friend who want to watch the movie without having to pay to go to the cinema. • How ‘aware’ of the film are (or were) you? • When did this ‘awareness’ begin – before or after it’s release? • How did you become ‘aware’ of the film? • Have you watched the film?When? Where? With whom?How many times? • Have you spend any additional money connected to the film e.g. on a computer game, a magazine showcasing the film etc.?