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Yammer Directory Sync PowerPoint Presentation
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Yammer Directory Sync

Yammer Directory Sync

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Yammer Directory Sync

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  1. Yammer Directory Sync

  2. Audience and Requirements Audience: Yammer’s Directory Sync module is targeted at system administrators. Implementing the Yammer Directory Sync Module Requires: • Supported architectures: x86, x64, and ia64 • Supported operating systems: Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2008 R2 • Hardware: 2 gigahertz (GHz) or higher CPU, 4 gigabytes (GB) or more RAM • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 • Port open to the Internet: 443 HTTPS outbound to * • Ports open to your internal servers: 25 or 587 (SMTP) • Ports for Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS): 389 by default, 3268 if global catalog in use • Active Yammer service account

  3. Topics and Learning Objectives This deck covers the following topics about Yammer’s Directory Sync module: • Automating user provisioning in your Yammer network with Directory Sync. • Using AD DS with the Directory Sync module to add, update, or disable users in Yammer. After completing this course, you will be able to: • Describe the Directory Sync integration and its benefits. • Create a Yammer Service Account that will be used across various integrations. • Complete a Directory Sync rollout plan.

  4. Directory Sync Overview

  5. What Is Yammer Directory Sync? Directory Sync synchronizes your AD DS with Yammer to automate the provisioning and deactivating of users. Here’s how:

  6. Benefits of Yammer Directory Sync Directory Sync makes it easy to manage your users’ accounts through automation:

  7. Directory Sync Installation and Configuration

  8. Preparing for Yammer Directory Sync Below is a summary of the Directory Sync integration process: • Create and Configure a Service Account Fill Out Checklist and Planning Template Install Directory Sync Configure Directory Sync

  9. Creating a Yammer Service Account Create a Yammer Service Account using the steps below:

  10. Service Accounts for SSO Networks A temporary password is required to configure service accounts on SSO-enabled Yammer networks. Use the following steps to acquire one:

  11. The Directory Sync Rollout Checklist The Yammer Directory Sync Rollout Checklist will help you prepare for the Directory Sync rollout in your organization. You can find it the checklist on the Directory Sync section of the Yammer Success Center. Here’s what you will need to know in order to fill the checklist out: • Information regarding the number of email domains in your AD DS. • Credentials for a Yammer-verified administrative service account, and an Active Directory service account. • Information about business rules and software installed on your Active Directory domain server. • The server name, port number, and login credentials for the SMTP server.

  12. Directory Sync Installation Overview Below is a summary of the Directory Sync installation process, detailed in the next few slides: Connect Directory Sync to Yammer • Install the Directory Sync files Adjust Your Network Settings Connect Directory Sync to Active Directory Enable Synchronization

  13. Install the Directory Sync files You can find the Directory Sync setup files on the Yammer Success Center here. After you download them, you should: Copy the Directory Sync setup files to your server. Run the setup file. Choose an installation location, and then click Install.

  14. Connect Directory Sync to Yammer 1. Adjust Your Network Settings The Directory Sync (DSync) application needs to reach Please adjust your network’s proxy and firewall settings until the utility can access 2. Connect the DSyncUtility to Yammer Provide the email address and password for your Yammer service account.If your Yammer network is single sign-on (SSO) enabled, follow these steps: • Use a browser to sign into your Yammer network. • Click on Apps, then click on a mobile app (such as Android). • Use the email address and temporary password shown to authenticate Directory Sync.

  15. Connect Directory Sync to AD DS 3. Connect the DSync Utility to AD DS Connect the DSync utility to directory sources in your Active Directory forest. The default port can be changed using the following syntax: hostname:port) 4. Validate your DSync Connections After entering the setup details, the configuration wizard will validate your settings by showing you what a synchronization would look like. • Active accounts will be created or updated in Yammer. • Inactive accounts will be suspended in Yammer. • Invalid accounts will be ignored due to invalid characters found in the user’s email address.

  16. Enable Synchronization 5. Configure Email and Enable Synchronization Before you enable syncing, you must configure email settings used to send a notification email if Directory Sync encounters a problem. After you configure the email settings, click Enable Sync. The DSync utility will now query your Active Directory system on a regular schedule and add, update, and suspend users as appropriate.

  17. Learning Review and Additional Resources

  18. Learning Review In this deck we provided information covering: • The benefits of integrating Active Directory with Yammer. • An overview of Yammer’s Directory Sync installation process. • The next steps you will need to take to implement Yammer’s Directory Sync module. With this information, you should be able to: • Create a Yammer Service Account that will be used across various integrations. • Complete a Directory Sync rollout plan. • Describe the Directory Sync integration and its benefits.

  19. Additional Resources You can find resources for installation of Directory Sync and additional information on the on the Directory Sync section of the Yammer Success Center. The following documents are included on the site: • Yammer Directory Sync Install Files • Yammer Directory Sync Install Guide • Yammer Advanced Configuration Guide • Yammer Directory Sync Rollout Checklist • Yammer Directory Sync Upgrade Checklist • Yammer Directory Sync Export User Guide