kappa phi iota sorority inc n.
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Kappa Phi Iota Sorority, Inc. PowerPoint Presentation
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Kappa Phi Iota Sorority, Inc.

Kappa Phi Iota Sorority, Inc.

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Kappa Phi Iota Sorority, Inc.

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  1. Kappa Phi Iota Sorority, Inc. MembershipInformation Guide 1999 Kappa Phi Iota Sorority, Incorporated Designed by Soror Jamilah K. Adkins

  2. Greetings!!!!! Kappa Phi Iota Sorority, Inc. would like to welcome you.

  3. What is a sorority? A sorority is a group of young women who are bound together out of the sense of duty and sisterhood. The word sorority is from the Latin word “soror” which means sister.

  4. What is Kappa Phi Iota?

  5. Kappa Phi Iota Sorority, Incorporated is the first historically black sorority with a strong literary focus. While it was founded by women of color, Kappa Phi Iota’s membership is open to women of all races, colors and creeds. Kappa Ladies cannot be made. They are born. The spirit of Kappa Phi Iota cannot be beaten into prospective members. This is why we choose to hand pick our members from hundreds of applicants instead of hazing people into shape in the hopes that they will become our ideal member.

  6. Mission The mission of Kappa Phi Iota Sorority, Incorporated is to bring together intellectual,civic-minded women and motivate them in order to achieve a higher purpose for life with confidence and a feeling of self worth; to shine brightly in a dark, uncaring world - setting social, civic and moral standards while maintaining loyalty and sisterhood above all.

  7. Facts Colors: Rose Pink & Precious Metal Gold Mascot: Dolphin Symbol: The Goddess Aphrodite Flower: Long Stemmed, Thorny Rose Stones: Diamond and Rose Quartz Primary Motto: “Pleasure In Seeking Knowledge… Beauty In Being Wise”

  8. Programs • Summer Read-A-Thon • Mentor Program (Kappa Muses) • Universal Sisterhood Program • Scholarship Program • Continuing Education Program • Employment Service • Writer’s Resource Exchange

  9. Activities • Sisterhood Retreat • Poetry Readings • Book Discussions • Cultural Outings (movies,plays,etc.) • Annual Convention • Road Trips

  10. Types Of Membership • Undergraduate • Alumnae • Associate • National

  11. Eligibility Undergraduate • Minimum of 12 credit hours matriculated • Be interested in community service • Be enrolled in an accredited four year college or university • Have an interest in literature • Be interested in having loads of fun

  12. Eligibility General Assembly General Assembly chapters are comprised of both associate and alumnae members. • Must have a Bachelors Degree from an accredited four year college or university or at least twelve credit hours toward one • Must be interested in literature • Must be interested in community service • Must have an interest in continuing your education (If not an alumna)

  13. You’ve Got To Pay To Play(How Much?) $150 New Member Fee Which Includes: $85 Initiation Fee $40 Installation Fee $25 Annual Dues Chapter dues are decided by the individual chapter. All New Member Fees and National Dues are to be made out to Kappa Phi Iota Sorority, Inc. and sent to: Kappa Phi Iota Sorority, Inc. P.O. Box 22176 Newark, NJ 07101

  14. When We Take New Members If there is no chapter in your area, we always initiate new members at our Annual Convention. If you would like to be considered for 2000 intake. Contact us as soon as possible to make reservations.

  15. Apply Today We love adopting new sisters. Take your first step to becoming a member of Kappa Phi Iota today. Print the membership application from the site, send it in by the appointed dead-line along with your letter of recommendation from a school, government or religious official. Thank you for your interest in Kappa Phi Iota Sorority, Incorporated.