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Phi Theta Kappa Agenda PowerPoint Presentation
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Phi Theta Kappa Agenda

Phi Theta Kappa Agenda

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Phi Theta Kappa Agenda

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  1. Phi Theta Kappa Agenda

  2. Call to order : • This is usually done by the President. The recording secretary generally records the time it was done and the secretary or VP makes a list of attendees.

  3. Reports: • These are standard reports like finances or committee meetings and the like.

  4. Old Business • Updates on on-going projects, and up coming events • De-briefing on completed projects and events • Anything else that has been mentioned in the past and someone wants to re-visit

  5. New Business • New opportunities can be presented here. • Recurring events that are coming up (again), like induction, regional events • This might be the place for a program or speaker • Anything else that fits the category of “new”.

  6. Advisor Section: This is an opportunity for the advisor to inform you of any college-wide changes or events, regional info that you may have missed or other things. Your advisor always has things to say…..

  7. Schedule next meeting: • This is absolutely essential!! Don’t forget!

  8. Call to close: • Again, the president moves to close, someone seconds the motion, the secretary records both the time and who seconds the motion.

  9. Final suggestions • When possible leave some “white space” for people to take notes in. • It is also a good idea to call for items for the agenda a few days in advance to allow the president to pace the meeting. • Be sure to check in with the advisor so he/she know that you are organized.

  10. Final suggestions • There are various styles of agendas. Some give who will be presenting a subject and some even give the amount of time allotted for that subject. This is important if you have a large group or talkative members. Use the agenda format that works for you.