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Middle Ages

Middle Ages

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Middle Ages

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  1. Middle Ages Abigail

  2. Feudal System The feudal system was the basic government system in the Middle Ages. Under this system, land was granted to people for services. The center of life in the Middle Ages was the manor (a large house or castle) which was run by the local Lord. The King divided up land among the Barons in exchange for knights. A Baron’s land was called a fief. The fief was divided between Lords, who ran manors. Lords were Knights, who could be called into battle at any time by their Baron. The Knights, or Lords, kept some of the land for themselves and shared the rest among peasants, who farmed it. The peasants provided services or payments to the knights in exchange for protection. King Knights Peasants

  3. Knights and Squires Squires were boys, 14 and older, that are training to become a knight. Some of their duties were to hand weapons to a knight, cleaning armor, and dressing a knight in armor. They had to learn to ride a horse and train the horse to not spook at noises. The squire had to learn how to use a lance and a sword. Knights were a king’s soldiers. They guarded their kingdom’s castle for a certain amount of time, usually 40 days. Even though they worked 40 days, additionally, the king could call a knight into battle any time he needed them. A knight wore a helmet, metal gloves and lots of armor.

  4. People of the Middle Ages These are some of the people of the Middle Ages and what they do. An alchemist is a chemist, and a knight is a king’s soldier. A serf was a servant that was bound to their manor, while a peasant could leave. A villein is a worker, and a herald was a messenger. These are some of the people of the Middle Ages, and what they do.

  5. Illuminated Letters These are some interesting facts about illuminated letters. An illuminated letter is a large letter surrounded by colorful embellishments and golden accents. They are usually decorated with ivy and mystical creatures. One of my favorite facts is that illuminate literally means “to fill with light.”