world summit on sustainable develpment n.
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  2. OVERVIEW OF PRESENTATION • Overview of SA approach to Summit negotiations • Organisation of work at the Summit • SA delegation • Update on logistics and state of readiness

  3. SA OBJECTIVES DURING WSSD PREP PROCESS • Balanced approach to sustainable development & commitments in all 3 pillars • Focus the Summit on global approach to eradication of poverty • Obtain action-oriented outcome • Focus on Africa

  4. FORMAL SUMMIT OUTCOMES • Implementation plan: negotiated text that sets targets for eradication of poverty • Implementation frameworks in WEHAB sectors (not negotiated; UN analysis of measures required to implement targets) • Political Declaration • Voluntary Partnerships (Type 2 outcomes)

  5. PREPCOM IV • Negotiations at PrepCom IV delivered agreement on 75% of Draft Implementation Plan • 6 clusters of unresolved issues: The Rio Principles Finance, trade and globalisation Timebound targets Technology Institutional arrangements Governance

  6. THE RIO PRINCIPLES • Common but differentiated responsibility • G77 wants extension beyond environmental context • reinforce gains in trade arena; use Rio&5 language • Precautionary principle • EU wants extension beyond environmental context • ensure principle not used to stifle economic development in developing countries

  7. FINANCING • South Africa supports: • Innovative mechanisms to make finances available in the fight against poverty e.g. a World Poverty Fund • The 0.7% ODA target • The need to address the debt burden in the developing world • Affirmation of the Monterrey outcomes • Making the GEF a financial mechanism of the UNCCD

  8. TRADE AND GLOBALISATION • The WSSD should not re-open Doha but could influence the scheduling of the WTO agenda • South Africa should seek to: • Link market access, sustainable development and poverty eradication • Promote integration of developing country economies into the global economy (including reductions in agricultural subsidies)

  9. Trade & Globalisation (cont) • Promote regional approaches to trade issues (NEPAD as model) • Push for a more equitable and accessible international trading system • Push for decoupling of trade and environment (environmental issues not to be used as trade barrier)

  10. TIMEBOUND TARGETS • SA has consistently pushed for targets to leverage resources and support implementation • Specific targets that remain contentious are: • Sanitation • Energy access and renewable energy • Fishing • Biodiversity loss • SA approach is to push for targets on case-by-case basis

  11. TECHNOLOGY • South Africa supports: • The facilitation of appropriate technology transfer • Building technology and knowledge partnerships • Increasing access to technology for poor countries (preferential access schemes and local technology development initiatives)

  12. GOVERNANCE • SA approach at WSSD is to promote: • balanced approach to good governance and strengthening of the SD governance regime at all levels • need for institutional framework for implementation of WSSD outcomes • restructuring of international institutional architecture • strengthening of linkages between UN programmes, WTO, World Bank and IMF • regional level implementation (NEPAD)

  13. Organisation of workWeek 1 Reg Prep Officials Informals (Vienna S) Ministerial Main Comm Adopt Plen Contact grps Multi-s/holder Dialogue (X6) Major Group St/ments Informal Consult Min Inputs

  14. Organisation of workWeek 2-[HoS SUMMIT] Country Statements Opening Plenary Closing Plenary Heads of State level Round Tables (Multi-stakeholder)

  15. The UN Precinct & Surrounds Accreditation Invisible Barrier - Pedestrian access Concrete Barrier with – Vehicle Access Control Accreditation Only Service Entrance & Diplomatic Vehicles Only

  16. SA delegation • All Ministers and Deputy Ministers • Premiers plus 1 MEC per province • Speaker of National Assembly and Chair of NCOP • Chairs of Portfolio and Select Committees for Foreign Affairs and Environmental Affairs & Tourism • All DGs of departments on the IMC plus 2 officials per department • Reps from Gender Commission, Youth Commission and local government

  17. Calendar of Main Events

  18. Some key events • African Ministers Energy & Mining Convention • hosted by the Minister of Minerals & Energy for African Ministers • to discuss the important issues pertaining to mining and energy • recommend key programmes for Africa • organised by ESKOM, WBCSD • Biopiracy Summit • awareness, information sharing and capacity building on issues of access and benefit sharing, intellectual property rights, traditional knowledge - issues contained in the Convention on Biological Diversity • organised by Biowatch South Africa

  19. Some key events • Forum on Science Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development • workshops and lectures over a 6-8 day period at Ubuntu Village • led by International Council for Science Unions (ICSU) • organised by Department of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology • African Ministerial Conference on Water (AMCOW) • promotes water and sanitation initiatives in Africa • strengthens intergovernmental co-operation in order to halt and reverse the water crisis and sanitation problem in Africa • organised by Department of Water Affairs and Forestry

  20. Some key events • Declaration in Cities in the African Region • high level discussions on how to achieve the “cities without slums” target in African • organised by Department of Housing and UN Habitat • ICLEI • local government to express its position and expectations with regards to the summit out come and to interact with the National and observer delegations • Highlights local government as key implementers for sustainability • organised by ICLEI together with SALGA, HABITAT, UNEP, UNITAR, UNDP, WHO

  21. Some key events • Annual Black Business Summit • Focus on foreign trade, black business as a driving, global competitive force, accessing finance, implementing practical strategies, developing complete solutions to BEE challenges • organised by Black Economic Empowerment & SA Govt • African Process for the Development and the Protection of the Coastal and Marine Environment particularly in Sub Saharan Africa • African contribution for global oceans and coasts at WSSD • will feed into Heads of State side event on the African process • organised by Department of Environmental Affairs & Tourism and the African Union

  22. Some key events • EU-AFRICA ISSUES • Panel discussion on 2 key EU-Africa issues, the external impact of EU Fisheries Policy and the Cotonou ACP-EU regional trade agreement • Organised by European Free Alliance Group • NEPAD DAY • discussion between NEPAD and the private sector • followed by the launch and the discussion between members of NEPAD and Media • Organised by SA Government

  23. Ubuntu Village COMPONENTS :- • Ubuntu Exhibition • South African Pavilion • Conference Centre • Food Beverage Court • Earth Arena • Arts & Craft Imbizo • Consumption Barometer • Ballroom • Community Kraal (Lapeng) • Welcome Ceremony SERVICES :- • Business Centre • Media Centre • Information Centre

  24. Ubuntu Access • Visitors with the following form of accreditation will have access into the Ubuntu Village -: • United Nations SCC • Civil Society NASREC • Media • Support Staff • Welcome Card • Conferencing Pass • Public Day Pass

  25. Ubuntu Exhibition The Venue -: • Tensile One , the largest temporary facility of its kind will house the Ubuntu Exhibition • 4 900sqm of Exhibition Space • Tensile One was erected at the Ubuntu Village on the 16 July 2002 • Exhibitor build-up will begin on the 13 August 2002

  26. Exterior Design of Tensile One

  27. Ubuntu Exhibition Cont…. • Exhibitor Profile -: • Governments 39 • Inter-Governmental Organisations (IGO’s) 30 • Non Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) 28 • Business & Industry 31 • Total Number of Exhibitors within Ubuntu Village 440

  28. Conferencing and Parallel Events • Conference facilities are available to accommodate exhibitors and Parallel Events • Integration between the Exhibition Conference facilities and Parallel Events is streamlined • Various Packages can be booked

  29. Arts and Crafts Imbizo • The Department of Arts Culture Science and Technology will host the Arts & Crafts Imbizo • Arts and Craft from the 9 Provinces of South African will showcase some of South Africa’s best Arts and Craft. • Up to 200 exhibitors will be given the opportunity to showcase their exhibits

  30. Informal Traders • There will be approximately 100 stands along the main road through the Village • Stalls will sell gifts, souvenirs and arts and crafts

  31. Largest UN Conference ever • Unique Character – stakeholder invelvement • Reinforces Sustainable Development • Human footprint versus ecological footprint • Launching Southern Africa as host nations • Provides momentum for NEPAD

  32. Thank You

  33. Mass Transportation

  34. MASS TRANPORTATION • Zone 1 • Daily bus shuttle for UN accredited participants. • Operates from 23 August to 4 September • Airport Shuttle • From 14 August to 8 September • Dedicated shuttles for specified accommodation • Zone 2 - 11 • Operates from 16 August to 4 September. • Shuttle participants from transport hubs & designated hub hotels to Sandton Transport Hub, NASREC and Ubuntu Village. • Taxi task team • National Department of Transport, Provincial Gov, Gauteng Taxi Council, SA Taxi Council and all representative of relevant Taxi metros

  35. PARTICIPATION OF TAXI INDUSTRY • Task team mandated by MEC of Transport to accredit drivers, vehicles & special permits. • Accredited taxis part of WSSD transport grid. • 200 sprinters (100 brand new) • 200 mini-buses (100 brand new)

  36. Welcome Card • Cost R600 • Opportunities • Total Transport – All Zones and Venues. • Entrance to Ubuntu Village.

  37. Welcome Card Distribution • The Welcome Card will be available from the following outlets: • Airport • NASREC • Ubuntu Village • Sandton Art Gallery • Bulk sales through the DMC