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mahjong online free game

mahjong online free game

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mahjong online free game

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  1. Mahjong Mahjong is a game initiated from china which is usually played by four people. In west this game is famous as rummy (the card game). Mahjong is a game of expertise, tactic and scheming and involves a certain amount of chance. Mahjong is a Chinese word which means “SPARROW”. This game is played by the set of 136 tiles built on Chinese characters and symbols. In most distinctions, each player initiates by getting thirteen tiles. There are many leading organizations which frequently host exhibition games and competitions for current and Old-fashioned Mahjong gaming.

  2. Now in Hong Kong many movies theme is based on mahjong gaming. This game is based on four rounds. Four players are involved in this game. First round starts with the player who is sitting in the east position. Then second round starts from the south position. There are no fixed rules for this game. All the tiles are placed upside down and each player has to throw three dice at a time and have to build a square wall. In order to win a game player has to maintain thirteen tiles. In these we have to collect medals (tiles which are identical)

  3. There are different types of medals in this game, which are as follow:- PONG:- It is a set of three alike tiles. We can make pong with any symbol but not flower. KONG:- It is a set of four alike tiles. CHOW:- It is a meld of three suitable tiles in order. It is a combination which is in numerical order, we cannot bounce any order. Season and flower cannot make this meld.

  4. EYE:- it is a duo, and it is very important for winning the game. Mahjong was the most famous table game of Japan in 2010. There are two types of honor suits: the winds and the dragons. The winds are north, south, east and west. The dragons are red green and white. They have no arithmetical arrangement and there are four comparable tiles for each wind and dragon.

  5. In Chinese community Mahjong values is still entrenched. The dealer is chosen by different means. It can be by throwing a dice by placing one of the each wind face down and having each player selects randomly one of the tiles and other house rule distinctions. Each player sits down in the individual position which is called the wind position at the table of an upturned compass. East is dealer, the right of the dealer is south, transversely is west and left in north. The order fundamentally is counter-clockwise. There are four bonus tiles, which are four seasons and 4 flowers. The design for each tile of the flowers and the seasons is exceptional and without matching pieces as per simple tiles and honor tiles. These tiles are not part of the player’s hand but are settled to the side when drawn and an extra tile is drawn in lieu of the bonus tile.