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  1. Mahjong Game Art Design

  2. History of Mahjong • Most historians estimate the age of Mahjong at about 2,500 years old. • The oldest artifact identifiable as a Mahjong tile dates to the 1880s. • Records can only verify it dating back to the mid nineteenth century in the Chinese provinces surrounding Shanghai • Similar games have been played with paper cards, so it is possible that Mahjong could have evolved from these games. Ya-Pei is one of the oldest card games that resembles Mahjong and is known to have been played as early as the 10th century. • Mahjong roughly translates as "chattering sparrow“

  3. Game Object • The object of the game is to clear the playing area of tiles by matching pairs of tiles. Players can remove only those matching pairs of tiles where each tile has at least one side (left or right) free and no other tiles placed on top. •

  4. Mahjong Strategy Mahjong Strategy Tips1. Although each tile layout requires a unique approach, the general strategy is to keep removing matching tiles in such a way that each removal would open up more possibilities for future tile matching.2. You should open up new tiles with every pair they eliminate. Choosing obvious pairs every time, such as those from the top levels, will often lose the game by leaving essential tiles under cover.3. In certain situations obtaining matching tiles after reshuffling can be either theoretically impossible or highly unlikely.The key is to avoid getting into positions where the above is likely to happen.4. It is very crucial to focus and give your full attention and concentration to the game, when your mind wanders, even for a second, it will cost you a lot of time to refocus. 5. React fast. Time is the most important factor in the game, so it is imperative to be fast. Fast reaction means making the correct decision given the current situation as the result of previous decisions. 6. You will be required to imagine your movements several steps ahead. The game might look playable now, but if you don’t look ahead and you make the wrong move then the game could end with no solutions. 7. Elaborate your visual memory. Some of Mahjong characters on the tiles look quite similar, especially when you have to quickly scan many tiles over and over. It is important to be able to distinguish all the tiles correctly, and often memorize where you last saw “that piece”.