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Extending Radio Stations Today via the Internet

Extending Radio Stations Today via the Internet. 2008 Broadcast Education Association Convention - Las Vegas Frank E. Parcells, Ph. D., Professor, Austin Peay State University. Extend Revenue Streams Prepare a comprehensive station Internet e-business plan

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Extending Radio Stations Today via the Internet

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  1. Extending Radio Stations Today via the Internet 2008 Broadcast Education Association Convention - Las Vegas Frank E. Parcells, Ph. D., Professor, Austin Peay State University

  2. Extend Revenue Streams Prepare a comprehensive station Internet e-business plan Offer advertising packages employing Web-delivered ads complementing station spot buys Develop online alliances with new and nontraditional media Sell online only spots (complement with video ads) Provide an online store with station merchandise Provide the sale of downloadable online music Supply online sales promotion to broadcast clients using Internet marketing Employ sponsored cross media resources online via the use of non-radio media types (e-zines, research via focus groups, specialized Web search features, video streams) Conduct cross media promotions focusing on station Web site activities but introducing other traditional mediums as partners Build & Amplify Target and Other Audiences Stream station audio Cement the station Web site as THEareainformation source Register listeners and interested parties offering User I. D. and password access to special online features Create talent & star online contact with audience interaction Extend coverage depth of special events (not feasible on radio) through the Internet Provide online broadcasts of important events to complement and extend on-air listeners (even as Internet video viewers) Offer listeners downloadable newsletters Partner with third party entities to deliver specialized programming online (concerts, sporting events, station and nonprofit fund raising and/or promotional events) Exploring Ways Radio StationsUse the Internet To:

  3. Maintain an Awareness of Competitive Media Moving to the Internet • Observe competitive media trends that are moving toward the Web as their primary audience source. • Wherever possible, counteract these trends inserting the station as THEprimary online information source. • Develop the station’s Web site as THE primary online source of entertainment for it’s target audience.

  4. Know THE Internet and It’s Strengths and Weaknesses • The Internet (and Web) by themselves are NOT very powerful advertising mediums. • The Internet (and Web) can complement advertising on traditional mediums as information sources extending ad reach. • Be the first in your market to realize this ad extension potential and market it effectively. • The Web can offer new revenue streams in combination with traditional advertising media.

  5. Thanks to Troy Researchwww.TroyResearch.com • Many thanks to Troy Research, Inc. for sharing this information. • Special thanks to Troy Research VP of SalesJonathon Little for his assistance with viewing and using these important research results.

  6. Powerful Contemporary Christian Radio Network many major and medium market stations 900+ survey respondents focusing on a network Web site study about station target listeners and Internet users interest in and use of the radio station Web site Top 3 Major Market News/Talk Radio Station single 50,000 watt AM news/talk giant 5,500+ survey respondents focusing on this single station Web site study concerned station’s target audience and its Web site visitors: interest in and the use of the radio station’s Web site Troy Research Radio Station Website Survey Results

  7. Demographics? Women 615 (65.14%) Men 329 (34.85%) Internet Time Spent? More than hour a day 551 30 to 60 minutes a day 293 Less than 30 minutes a day 100 Ethnicity? Caucasian 769 Hispanic 49 African American 16 Native American 15 Others 65 Don’t Want to Say 29 Other 1 Contemporary Christian Radio Network Website Results

  8. Important Web Sites? MySpace.com Flickr.com YouTube.com Yahoo.com FaceBook.com Google.com Weather.com Work related sites Web email sites Some respondents mentioned a network Web site Reasons for Station Web Site Visits? Listen to station stream. 300 Concert or event information. 206 Information about artist or song heard. 173 See last song played or current song playing. 71 Other 68 Information on favorite disc jockeys. 16 Check local news, weather, or traffic reports. 4 Did not respond. 7 Contemporary Christian Radio Network Website Results

  9. Favorite Station Web Site Features? Listen Online 661 Concert Calendar 560 The Word Online Feature 417 Station Online Store 274 Downloads 220 Another Life Changed Feature 219 Business Impact Partner Directory 165 Donations 108 Weather Reports 98 Station Travel Offers 45 New Features for Station Web Site? Videos Artist Interviews Podcasts Now Playing on Station Text Message Updates Online Contests Game-specific Streams Contemporary Christian Radio Network Website Results

  10. Web Site Design #1 Typical Comments: A little too much info. I like it. It is very busy; Very busy looking. I prefer more “tidy” looking layouts. It is pretty good. Very clean; nothing to extreme. Easy to use It’s too busy. Keep em’ playing. Very modern. I like to see pictures of the artists. You guys can do better. Web Site Design #2 Typical Comments: Better organization. Very busy. Too blah. Too much news promo. Again, it’s not unique. Too busy; unorganized. It’s too boring looking. Better, not as cluttered. MTV sucks too! I hate it…it’s so plain. Too many ads. To hip hoppish. Too crowded. Contemporary Christian Radio Network Website Results

  11. Download Importance? Um, they’re O. K. 290 I really could care less! 273 Sure I like them. 228 I can’t live without them! 18 Local Weather Importance? Yes. Great to have! 365 I don’t really care one way or the other. 319 No. It gets in the way of music and info. 125 Local News Importance? I don’t really care one way or the other. 286 Great info to have. 271 No. It gets in the way of music. 252 Traffic Report Importance? I don’t care one way of the other. 321 Yes. It’s great to have. 257 No. It gets in the way of music. 231 Contemporary Christian Radio Network Website Results

  12. Personality (DJ) Comments on Station Web Site? Somewhat interested. 435 Very interested. 208 Not interested. 158 No response. 8 Submitting Content to Station Web Site? Not interested. 308 Somewhat interested. 280 Very interested. 225. Additional Station Web Site Features? Like to see a section featuring local artists. A bigger variety of songs and games. Cool new contest. A way to request songs. Interviews and bios of artists. A poll. Polls are always fun. Lyrics of the songs you play. Better search engine for songs. I like the submitting content idea. A daily/weekly survey of sorts. Videos, shopping. A podcast of the countdown each week. Podcasts. A chat room really sounds awesome! Contemporary Christian Radio Network Website Results

  13. Overall Survey Media Consumption? Local radio. 4975 Local TV. 3413 Cable TV. 3377 Streaming audio on Internet. 1564 Satellite TV. 1331 iPod or other portable devices. 875 Streaming video on Internet. 847 XM satellite radio. 435 Podcasting. 349 Sirius satellite radio. 271 Type of Internet Connectivity? DSL. 2734 Cabl. 2137 Dial-up. 431 Satellite. 171 Text Messaging? No. 3620 Yes. 1853 Top 3 Market News/Talk Station Website Results

  14. Visit Station’s Website? Yes. 4800 No. 633 Frequency of Station’s Wesite Visits? Less than once per week. 2372 Once per week. 1069 Several times per week. 859 Daily. 381 More than once a day. 94 Why Visit Station’s Web Site? It’s a reliable information source that I trust. It gives me interesting information I can’t get anywhere else. It’s easy to navigate. It’s updated frequently. It provides the type of information I’m looking for on a site like this. Access to archival information such as previous news stories and podcasts. It encourages me to come back frequently. Top 3 Market News/Talk Station Website Results

  15. Improvements for Station’s Website? Improve audio streaming. More updated information. Don’t use Web site enough to make suggestions. Not my job. You figure it out. Podcast all of the shows. The site can’t even get the show schedules correct! Quit being so conservative about everything. Too cluttered. Happy with it as it is. Improvements for Station’s Website? Updated pictures of all on-air personalities. Keep it the way it is! I would like it to be updated more frequently. Just make the navigation system as simple and fast as possible. Less clicks to start stream media. I’d much prefer you work on making the radio station better. Hope you will get your audio level problems solved soon. No changes needed. Top 3 Market News/Talk Station Website Results

  16. Familiar with Station Online Newsletter? Yes. 4090 No. 494 Newsletter Reading Frequency? Every time it comes out. 2108 Almost every time it comes out. 946 About half the time. 586 Very seldom. 348 Never. 63 Newsletter Elements? Advance updates and news about station events Articles and information that make my life easier Humorous articles and features by station hosts/personalities Behind the scenes information on hosts and programs Special insider deals and bargains In-depth interviews with guests who have been on-the-air with time limit constraints Exclusive insider opportunities to win cash and prizes Information on benefit or charitable events Top 3 Market News/Talk Station Website Results

  17. Traffic on Demand Interest? Not interested at all. 606 Not very interested. 438 Somewhat interested. 265 Don’t know. 102 Very interested. 73 Traffic on Demand Comments: I’m on the road from time to time. Everything would be up to date. Have no need. No value to me. I can hear it on the radio. I don’t live in the area. Would be helpful when driving. I do not drive. I do not need it. It sounds complicated to get signed up for. Top 3 Market News/Talk Station Website Results

  18. Improve Traffic on Demand? I’m fine with getting it on the radio. Faster, more accurate. Slower local travel reports. Cancel it. Nothing. Do not need it. O. K. as is. No clue. More often. Easier to access. Traffic on Demand Value? I normally don’t use it. Don’t know. Don’t need it or use it. Don’t need it with GPS. I rarely use this feature. I like knowing what roads to avoid. Good info! It serves the purpose. Do not use it. Up to date traffic conditions. Top 3 Market News/Talk Station Website Results

  19. 2008 BEA Radio Station Web Sites Panel Participants Paul Ladd has extensive experience as a newspaper and magazine writer and radio news broadcaster. He has served as the Director of Communication for the Tennessee Department of Human Services. Ladd is a former television news anchor and talk show host. Paul has won several awards for his work, such as the Achievement in Radio (AIR) Award for Best News Interview, and an IABC Gold Pen Award for News Writing. Paul D. Ladd, Director of Listner Follow Up World Christian Broadcasting

  20. 2008 BEA Radio Station Web Sites Panel Participants Dr. Pam Gray joined the APSU faculty in 2005 after teaching for 22 years at Kentucky Wesleyan College and Vincennes University. She earned her Ph. D. from the University of Kentucky in 1999 and she also holds a Master's degree in organizational communication from Western Kentucky University. Dr. Gray has received the Teacher of the Year in 2002 from the Kentucky Communication Association, and was three times voted Advisor of the Year at Kentucky Wesleyan College. Dr. Gray was the manager of the radio station at Kentucky Wesleyan University. At APSU, Gray teaches courses in corporate communication, information specialist, media management, and public relations. Her current research interests involve exploring Native American broadcast stations in southwest U. S. locations. Dr. Gray is an active member in the BEA . Dr. Pamela J. Gray, Associate Professor @ APSU

  21. 2008 BEA, Radio Station Web Sites Panel Participants Recently recognized by Billboard Magazine as one of the top five innovators in media, Daniel Anstandig oversees new media clients at McVay Media as well as radio stations in AC, Hot AC, and Christian. Daniel’s clients include Clear Channel Radio Interactive and their 800+ online brands, recording artists Jewel and Jim Brickman, Mental Floss Magazine, The White House Commission on Remembrance, International Publisher Glencoe-McGraw Hill, Sonrise, Clear Channel R&D, Clear Channel Interactive, TM Century, Legato Cafe, and various AC, Hot AC, and Christian broadcasters around the USA. Daniel's experience includes stints as General Manager, syndicated Program Director, and various on-air stops. In 2001, Daniel was named the '#1 Young Entrepreneur' by Youngbiz (Young Entrepreneur) Magazine. Daniel is also on the Board of Directors for Radio Conclave, a 501C(3) serving to grow the radio industry. Daniel Anstandig, President of New Media @ McVay Media

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