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  1. Home Page Copy for three rotating panels is in the spreadsheet in the HP tab under “3 Panels” header. There will be a fourth panel at launch, which is in process still

  2. Bring Your Ideas Landing Page Delete pull quotes and “What People Are Saying” for launch Building a Sense of Community Mike Green, Director, Employee Communications Delete two current discussion modules and “all topics” link for launch Text Changes All Across

  3. Bring Your Ideas Discussion Thread THIS PAGE HAS BEEN DELETED FROM SITE

  4. Bring Your Ideas Discussion Archive COMPLETELY NEW DESIGN! Since we can no longer skin comm server pages. This page will NOT be live at launch, but will be live during second refresh of content

  5. Make a Difference Landing Page Before You Start Before uploading your story, read guidelines and download logos to make your story shine. Guidelines Share Your Experience If you've participated in an Intel volunteer event, or know someone who has, tell that story with photos, videos or text memories. Your story could be featured in our spotlight. Upload Now Real story, “uploaded by” copy available in separate document Add Your Own Efforts and Resources and Guidelines have new buttons and new copy. Their position has also been flipped.

  6. Make a Difference UGC Search/Sort Engine Delete word “select” Pull down default goes from “disaster relief” to “Category”

  7. Difference Maker Upload Tool Intro New Copy

  8. Difference Maker Upload Tool New Copy

  9. Difference Maker Upload Tool These are pull-down menus

  10. Difference Maker Upload Tool

  11. Difference Maker Upload Tool COMP DECK WAS MISSING THE “TEXT STORY” STEP OF UPLOAD PROCESS Share Your Volunteer Experience “WHAT ARE” POPOFF TEXT: Keyword tags are words you choose to describe your content, and help fellow employees find it with the search engine. Keywords should be simple, single words that give employees an idea of what your story is about. Examples: Cubicle, picnic, badge.

  12. Difference Maker Upload Tool Share Your Volunteer Experience

  13. Difference Maker Upload Tool Share Your Volunteer Experience Describe Your Media Question for Gary/Dev: User has already entered keywords and description in previous step. Can we delete it here? We have no way of displaying descriptions of each photo, and we don’t need tags for each photo. All we display is Title of each photo in the player.

  14. Difference Maker Upload Tool

  15. Difference Maker Upload Tool

  16. MAD/SYS Send to Friend E-mail Text Subject line: Come see my story on the Intel 40th Anniversary website Body text: I just uploaded a story on the Intel 40th Anniversary site. Come join the fun!

  17. SYS Landing Page w/Feature Article Delete for Week 1, then change copy to “Past Spotlight Stories” and “See All Spotlights” NOTE: For week 2 and beyond, we need to DUPLICATE the upcoming spotlight topic hover functionality UI (SLIDE 19) here, only for past topics. This Week's Spotlight: Intel History — Four Site Memories Real copy available in separate document Lowercase “the”


  19. SYS Landing Page w/UGC Spotlight This page is exactly the same as the previous one, so all changes apply. This page merely has the UGC spotlight, instead of the feature article. The only difference being the deletion of the “READ THE FULL STORY” link to drive down to a subpage.

  20. Share Your Stories Feature Article Use the exact same gutter as previous page, rather than this one. This three little thumbnails do not need to exist. Real copy in separate doc

  21. Share Your Stories Search/Sort Engine Delete word “select”

  22. Share Your Stories Upload Tool

  23. Share Your Stories Upload Tool

  24. Share Your Stories Upload Tool Pull-down menus

  25. Share Your Stories Upload Tool No changes

  26. Share Your Stories Upload Tool

  27. Share Your Stories Upload Tool Describe Your Media

  28. Share Your Stories Upload Tool

  29. Share Your Stories Upload Tool

  30. SYS/MAD Downloadable Assets Copy /Content Finalized by EOD Friday, 4/4/08

  31. SYS/MAD Media Player Video Do not link username This should display the user-written title of a particular piece of media, rather than a filename Participants only show up in MAD stories

  32. SYS/MAD Media Player Photo Not filename, but rather user’s title for picture Don’t link name “Participant” list only shows up on MAD content Make sure we have proper photo, not video, controls

  33. SYS/MAD Media Player Experience Text Need name of uploader Participant list only shows up on MAD content

  34. 40 Years of Innovation Timeline “This Week’s Spotlight” disappears and leaves only year once user clicks away from default year we set each week for this index page CONFIRM: Gary to-do: acquire Intel content for this page

  35. Test Your Intel IQ Landing Page See Notes on Slide 37

  36. Test Your Intel IQ Landing Page Revisit Exec image and name changes every week. Confirm logistics with Dev to make sure possible without impact to workload Copy Change Dev question: we have a username display length issues Copy changes to “Top 500” and “Previous Winners” and “This Week’s Champion” and “Leaderboard” Image is the user’s avatar

  37. Test Your Intel IQ Landing Page “Already Played”

  38. Test Your Intel IQ Avatar Creation

  39. Test Your Intel IQ Game Instructions Name length issue

  40. Test Your Intel IQ GameplayVideo/Photo

  41. Test Your Intel IQ Gameplay Audio Delete audio controls

  42. Test Your Intel IQ Mission Control Help Note: There are now going to be five “Mission Control” lifelines per game, one for each question. Reason: No design/dev time to rework gameplay experience to accommodate “number of lifelines left” notifier Gary: Need to discuss exec imagery with you Should say exec’s name, not Mission Control.

  43. Test Your Intel IQ Game Over Scoring needs to include number correct out of 5, and time as well. Dev/Gary: have scoring questions for you Let’s make this simply Your Rank This Week with a number beneath it Delete “Friend’s Name” field

  44. Challenge Friend E-mail Text Subject line: Can you beat my score on the Test Your Intel IQ Game? Body text: Go to the Intel 40th Anniversary site to play the Test Your Intel IQ game.

  45. Test Your Intel IQ Weekly Leaderboard

  46. Test Your Intel IQ Overall Leaderboard Reminder: these are cumulative scores, so will be 24/25 questions, for example. And the time is cumulative as well. Delete date column Delete”View Top 500”