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ODIN Advisory Council Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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ODIN Advisory Council Meeting

ODIN Advisory Council Meeting

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ODIN Advisory Council Meeting

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  1. ODIN Advisory Council Meeting Bismarck, ND North Dakota State Library November 3-4, 2011 +

  2. Director’s Report – activity review • Training materials continue to be added and updated. We aim to provide materials to assist libraries with basic training materials. • Authentication for TutorND was done in cooperation with the ND State Library. • Two Service Pack installations were done since our last meeting. July 10 and September 18. • UFind upgrade done August 2011.

  3. Director’s Report – activity review UFind upgrade done early September 2011 -- Worth noting some of the changes… • When placing a hold, there is now the ability to select a pickup location (based on locations defined in tab27; if your library does not have multiple pick-up locations, the hold will default to the patron’s home library).

  4. Director’s Report – activity review • Items that are suppressed, as per tab15.eng column 10, are now suppressed in UFind. • Record to record navigation is available for searches exceeding 500 records. • When clicking ‘Return to Results’ in the full record view, the patron is now returned to the spot in the brief record list they were at previously (as opposed to being taken back to the beginning of the list).

  5. Director’s Report – activity review • Book covers have been cached reducing the number of ‘blank’ covers. • Improper display of records from (other) libraries in the full record view has been resolved. • Non-alphabetic characters have been stripped out when performing a title sort.

  6. Director’s Report – activity review • Start of school year work. Work with libraries that are closed over the summer to ‘re-start’. • Beginning of school year patron loading for academic libraries. During run up to start of school and for the first three weeks regular loads are done on request from libraries.

  7. Director’s Report – activity review • EDI project with UND Chester Fritz library completed. Acquisitions data loaded from vendor to UND. • EZProxy test project done with ND State College of Science. Consideration is being given to replacing Authgate with EZProxy.

  8. Director’s Report – activity review • (New) Login page change ready. The appearance of the page will change for all libraries. It will be the same in Classic & UFind. The delay was in getting UFind to work also. • Actual login will work the same as always for all libraries. NDUS library users will be able to use their Active Directory login.

  9. Director’s Report – activity review • View of the new login page -

  10. Director’s Report – activity review • The 2011 Upper Mid West User Group meeting was held October 17-18, 2011 in Fargo, ND. On the agenda for feedback. • Thank You! There was very good attendance from ODIN libraries.

  11. Director’s Report – activity review • SMS messaging for sending information to your patrons cell phones and other devices is in progress. Basic server configuration done. Need to determine vendor at this point. Further SMS progress delayed by staffing change (details later in the report). • Mobile Apps. SITS is reviewing how mobile applications should be developed and distributed.

  12. Director’s Report – budget • Appropriated funds are dedicated to: • Salaries & Fringes for ODIN staff • Electric library subscription.

  13. Director’s Report – budget • Local funds cover all other expenses • Salaries & Fringes for ODIN staff not funded. • Software maintenance costs. • Hardware maintenance costs. • ITSS support costs. • ODIN staff equipment, Networking costs • Travel, Training Institutional membership costs.

  14. Director’s Report – budget • Past due or approaching costs: • Server replacements (Production, Test, Web Cluster) • Disk replacements (disk shared between all servers) • Will be looking to annualize costs of local hardware. And possibility of hosted system approach to some servers.

  15. Director’s Report – budget • Catalog Overlay Enhancement • Ex Libris ‘Primo’ interface • Next Generation Library System • Ex Libris’s product is Alma

  16. Director’s Report – staffing Staffing: • Mike Barnett has renewed for FY 2011. • Bjorn Gott resigned as of September 30. • Linda continues on the Ex Libris ‘Product Group’. • Ellen has been on the URM (now Alma) task force. The group has been dis-banded.

  17. Director’s Report – staffing ODIN current positions: 8 FTE • Allbee, Linda (trainer & support) • Kotrba, Ellen (library system support) • Lee, Hanjun (web programmer) (February 16, 2009) • Millette, Virginia (library system support) • Wolf, Lynn (library system support) • Mike Barnett (.5 time contractor; Kotowicz position) • Vacant (Gott) (systems administrator) • Hoffmann, Cheryl (.5 time, admin assistant) • Stukel, Tony (director)

  18. Director’s Report – staffing

  19. Director’s Report – services • ODIN Services document - Overview • … Switch to document to review

  20. Director’s Report – communication • Help Desk Change - is coming in December. Ellen Kotrba has been assigned to take the lead in reviewing the product to make the change as smooth as possible. • ODIN Services document • Listserv changes – report to ODIN for adds, deletes, name changes.

  21. ODIN Budget – Fee Formula • Examination of cost sharing formula 4/2000 • Planning Committee document • Historical Review • Recommended Changes • Formula used changed from being strictly based on the number of bibliographic records to a more complex and fair formula.

  22. ODIN Membership Agreements

  23. ODIN Membership Agreements • ODIN was created by the efforts of UND to initiate an automated library system in the late 1980s. • ‘Participation Agreement’ paper. • ND public higher education presidents agreed that their libraries would participate in ODIN. • Public libraries were included from the beginning in the ODIN system. Others followed.

  24. Database Subscriptions

  25. Database Subscriptions Three categories of statewide databases exist. • Funded Statewide (State Library) • Funded Statewide (ODIN) • Unfunded Statewide (Minitex – ODIN)

  26. Database Subscriptions Funded Statewide – Contract with State Library • State Library has had a couple of very successful legislative sessions gaining funding for additional on-line resources.

  27. Database Subscriptions Funded Statewide (ODIN) • ODIN was funded to add on-line resources. Acquired Electric Library after discussions with libraries through the State Library Council.

  28. Database Subscriptions Unfunded Statewide (Minitex – ODIN) • Began with data being loaded on the library system (PALS at the time). • Changed to web access available to all. ODIN called on ND OCLC directors to meet to decide to join together to fund this. They agreed to cooperate in the venture.

  29. END