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JSOE Diversity Advisory Council Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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JSOE Diversity Advisory Council Meeting

JSOE Diversity Advisory Council Meeting

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JSOE Diversity Advisory Council Meeting

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  1. JSOE Diversity Advisory Council Meeting Subgroup: Faculty Recruitment Members: Jeanne Ferrante, Rod Echols, Ahmed Elgamal, Tara Javidi, J. Luco, Jennifer Cha

  2. Recommended Readings • Devise Strategy that Counters Notion that Excellence and Diversity are Separate Issues • Perhaps email links provided for the reference documents to all faculty (first one highly recommended) • Reference Documents • Benefits and Challenges of Diversity in Academic Settings, U. of Wisconsin (highly recommended, easy to browse through, informative) • Diversity and Equity in Higher Education, John Brooks Slaughter, Diversity Leadership Conference, 2004

  3. Contributions to Diversity • Need to create uniform (JSOE-wide) approach for contributions to diversity • For both Current Faculty and Faculty Recruiting • For Current Faculty: • Short Term: • Email faculty up for academic reviews about stating their contributions to diversity in Biobib and that all chairs and dean will be addressing them in their letters • Chair and Dean letters do address contributions to diversity in academic reviews • Long Term: • Develop evaluation guidelines • Have annual departmental reports submitted to Dean on overall contributions to diversity activities. • Have web resource to make it easy for faculty to contribute- possibly under IDEA center?

  4. Contributions to Diversity • For Faculty Recruiting: • Short Term • Supply all candidates with info about departmental and school diversity activities • Ask all candidates to discuss their past and future contributions to diversity with department faculty. This will be written up and reported back to the search committee. • Long Term • The Engineering-wide position should come with teaching relief for 2 years, and resources to help lead diversity initiatives.

  5. Improving Recruiting Effectiveness • Build list of alums/faculty who would like to help during applicant visits • Develop and share a faculty script/checklist on how to do diversity recruiting • Develop and grow a database of possible future faculty • Short Term • Encourage faculty to use faculty applicant evaluation template • Provide candidates the opportunity to speak with others outside department about gender, race, climate • Provide information about family friendly policies to all candidates • Equity advisor will meet with department search chairs (or reps) and be updated about search activities at regular intervals