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CD Cover Design Project PowerPoint Presentation
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CD Cover Design Project

CD Cover Design Project

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CD Cover Design Project

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  1. CD Cover Design Project

  2. This project will give an overview of creating art for a CD cover.

  3. As well as demonstrating the role of a graphic artist, and the importance of graphic art within the music industry.

  4. It is the role of a graphic artist to create the image and design of a CD cover, in a way that pleases the artist and suits the music.

  5. Cover art is important within the music industry, as it can help the artist with promotion and becoming more easily recognised.

  6. The artist may include a kind of trademark or logo in their cover art.

  7. The cover art gives the first impression of the record, and suggests the style of the music.

  8. Cover art requires an image, which can be original or inspired by another artist.

  9. The image may convey a particular message, or make a point in relation to the music. Here, the words are just as important as the imagery. Bob Dylan sang about alienation from society, racism, war and environmental contamination

  10. These days graphic art in the music industry doest just apply to CD covers, but to merchandise such as T-shirts and posters as well.

  11. This means more exposure and promotion for the artist, leading to a larger fan base and success.

  12. Artists are always looking for new ways to present their music, and so graphic design of web pages is becoming increasingly important.

  13. This is also an easy, free way for new bands to get started and to reach a large audience.

  14. There are some CD Cover designs that are considered timeless because they captured what the artists were trying to say as well as the time period when they were made. That is the goal of the graphic artist. They want to create a memorable and meaningful design.