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Chaos Theory & The Butterfly Effect PowerPoint Presentation
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Chaos Theory & The Butterfly Effect

Chaos Theory & The Butterfly Effect

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Chaos Theory & The Butterfly Effect

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  1. Chaos Theory &The Butterfly Effect As demonstrated in the one of the most popular drama series on television Amy Ortega ENG 425A

  2. Walter White is a lower middle class high school chemistry teacher with a disabled son and pregnant wife becomes diagnosed with terminal lung cancer the day after his 50th birthday. He has no money to leave his family. • Comes in contact with a previous student of his, Jesse Pinkman, who is now selling meth. With his extensive knowledge in chemistry, Walter can concoct the purest meth on the market. Jesse becomes his partner due to his street knowledge in the drug business.

  3. Fast forward 2 years…

  4. What began as a way to bring in money for his family turned into his life. • Even though he is running it, Walter realizes he can never escape. • His family doesn’t want him or his money so he did it for no reason. • Even though he was slowly dying, he ultimately kills himself because it is the only way to get out. Walter White’s transformation into Heisenberg

  5. Fe = Iron = Blood • Li = Lithium = Meth • Na = Sodium = Tears

  6. Walter and Jesse sell their meth to drug distributor Tuco • This is when Walter creates his pseudo name Heisenberg, named from a chemist that died from cancer. • They run in short supply of a key ingredient causing them to break into a warehouse and steal a large barrel of methylamine, giving his meth the famous blue coloring. Season One

  7. After Tuco kills one of his assistants, Walt and Jesse concoct a plan to kill Tuco. • Hank, a DEA agent, tracks down Tuco and kills him in a shootout. • After Tuco’s death, Walt and Jesse decide to run their business themselves. • Jesse gets his friends to become sellers and after one gets caught, Walt hires Saul Goodman as their lawyer. • After another of Jesse’s friends get killed while dealing, Walt and Jesse have no one to sell their meth. • Saul introduces them to drug distributor Gus. • Jesse’s girlfriend Jane Season Two

  8. “The cousins” come to New Mexico to avenge Tuco’s death by targeting Heisenberg • Gus postpones the Cousins’ vengeance until Heisenberg is done working with Gus. • Gus does not fully trust Jesse, Walt begins working with Gale • Gus reveals to the cousins that Hank actually killed Tuco; both cousins die while Hank ends up paralyzed • Skylar finds out about Walt’s meth dealing and eventually comes to terms with it and helps Saul develop laundering schemes • Season Three

  9. Jesse shoots Gale; the police find Gale’s notes that reveals the blue meth formula • Skylar buys the car wash that Walt used to work at • By finding fingerprints and a Los Pollos napkin in Gale’s apartment, Hank connects Gus to the blue meth causing Gus’s meth lab to be cleaned out • Gus takes Jesse to Mexico to cook • Walt wants to “disappear” with his family but they no longer have enough money (paid off Ted Beneke’s debt) • Gus gets killed by a bomb (detonated by Hector “Tio”); Walt and Jesse destroy the meth lab Season Four

  10. There are no ties linking Walt or Jesse to Gus’s murder • Walt, Jesse and Mike build the drug empire back up • Walt kills Mike • Hank realizes that Walt is Heisenberg • After the police listened over a phone conversation, Walt is forced to take on a new identity • Walt gives the money to Gretchen and Elliot to give to Walt Jr. Season Five

  11. Gray Matter Technologies was a company founded by Walt and Elliot • Walt was dating his lab assistant Gretchen but suddenly left her and the company • Elliot continued to use Walt’s research and became highly successful and extremely wealthy • Thinking the company wasn’t going to become successful, Walt sold his share of the company for $5000. The company ended up being worth 2.16 billion dollars • • (4:25) The Butterfly Effect